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Maharashtra State Board officials on Tuesday said there will be at least a one-day gap between important papers and no extra time for the offline exams scheduled for Class 10 and Class 12 in February and March 2023.

In 2021-22, for the final examination of Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or Class 12, Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or Class 10 examination, candidates have been given 30 minutes extra time to write papers in the wake of the Covid pandemic. State board officials said the relaxation was given because students were out of writing practice during the pandemic.

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) Chairperson Sharad Gosavi said the pandemic has affected the writing skills of many students.

“Since regular schools have resumed and internal examinations have resumed, students will not be allowed extra time in examinations. Students should reach the examination center within the stipulated time. Delay will not be accepted as question papers were reportedly shared online during the examination last year,” Gosavi said.

He also said that unlike 2021-22, exams will be held at the board’s exam centres.

“Last year because of the pandemic we had allowed wards their own schools where they could take the exams,” Gosavi said.

“We have finalized the timetable and will share it with the committee soon,” he said.

“Students are definitely doing well. But more writing practice should be done to write quickly and neatly for the final exam,” said a principal of a city-based school.

Pratamesh Joshi, a Class 12 student appearing for the upcoming board exams, said, “I write a page every day to gain speed and improve my handwriting. The exam duration is usually three hours per subject and I will try to attempt all the questions in the given time,” said Joshi.


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