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A total of 23 primary seven pupils at St Christine’s Primary School in Kakumiro district sat for a special maths paper yesterday, ending weeks of anxiety.
To avoid a repeat of the November 8 incident where students who arrived late at the Mpasana Primary School examination center missed their exams, the school administration booked a private house near Kyakuterekera Primary School where the students spent the night.
The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) preferred students to sit their exams at Kyakuterekera Primary School, which is 4km away from their school, compared to Mpasana Primary School which is 14km away.

Excited students were preparing for the exam as early as 5 am. By 7 am all the students were seated in the exam room for the exam.
However, the exams came later than expected and students started their exams at 10:35 am and not at 9 am as planned.
Fredrick Kituuka Mpuga, a senior examination officer from UNEB, said they were stuck on the road because a truck blocked the road.
“We also had to wade through swamps, but we finally reached the school and the students were able to write their exams,” he said.

He cautioned that this is a one-man venture and should not be made into a model.
“The exercise is an inconvenience to us and the students and incurs additional costs,” said Mr Mpuga.
On November 17, UNEB Executive Director Mr Dan Odongome said the decision to set the special paper followed consultation between the examination body and Education Minister Ms Janet Museveni.
Ms. Athella Brotherson, head teacher of St. Christine Primary School, commended UNEB and Kakumiro district leaders for coming to their rescue.

The Kakumiro District Inspector of Schools, Miss Mary Kyofuna, thanked UNEB and other stakeholders for their efforts towards the special examination.
Moses Tbezigwa, a parent, said parents were relieved that students were allowed to sit for a separate paper.
“After our children lost their paper, we consulted with various stakeholders including our leaders and they promised that the problem would be resolved,” Tbezigwa said.

Candidates registered at Mpasana Primary School Uneb Center in Mpasana Town Council were prevented from writing their maths paper on November 8 after they arrived one hour and 16 minutes late.
The director of the school, Mr Pascal Asimwe, said there was no vehicle to transport the candidates to the examination centre.
The police are now looking for him.


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