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When it comes to style and ability to get in the ring, both Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, known together as Street Profits, are as good as it gets.

They returned to the ring on the November 28, 2022 edition of RAW after Ford recovered from his injury. One of the most entertaining duos in the tag team division, Ford and Dawkins are the WWE Tag Team Triple Crown Champions, having held the RAW, SmackDown and NXT Tag Team Championships once.

While they’ve given us a high-voltage ring, with The Usos holding both tag team gold sets and no signs of losing them anytime soon, it might be time to share the profits.

Listed below are three reasons why Street Profits should split and two reasons why they shouldn’t.

#5. Should: Montez Ford could have a monster boost in the cards

Street Profits has been together since their official main roster debut in 2019. A singles run between Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins could be imminent.

Ford, in particular, has the energy to steal the show every week with his high-flying abilities. It is rumored that he has also become a favorite for higher positions.

When asked about his tag partner during the episode After the clock on the podcast, Dawkins claimed that Montez Ford was destined to become WWE World Champion:

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hear about Tez all the time on the internet. Tez is a freak of nature. That’s my brother. I know he’s good. I know he’s talented. He’s destined to be a world champion …”

Dawkins has also shown himself to be a serious competitor in recent months.

#4. Shouldn’t: Street Profits is a legitimate tag team contender

They are the WWE Tag Team Triple Crown Champions
They are the WWE Tag Team Triple Crown Champions

WWE has mishandled their tag team division for years. Recently, however, there are a few legitimate tag teams that can make the audience fully believe in their credibility. Street Profits is one such team. Going forward, splitting the duo may not be the best way to go.

The Usos and Street Profits could rekindle their feud for the tag team championships. Both teams, as we know, are capable of making the most of the opportunity.

Even if the Usos finally topple the gold During WrestleMania season, the following tag champions need legitimate competition. So in the long run it would make sense to keep them in the tag team division.

#3. Should: Both men’s recent matches as singles competitors

Both Ford and Dawkins have had singles in the past
Both Ford and Dawkins have had singles in the past

Despite primarily participating in tag team matches, both Ford and Dawkins have had opportunities to compete in singles, most notably against Seth Rollins and Riddle, and another against Omo.

Montez Ford and Seth Rollins KILLED it. It’s a joy to watch without commercial breaks. Another notch on Ford’s belt for his final solo drive #WWERaw

With Triple H running things as the head of content, the wrestlers and the product as a whole have been given a certain level of gravitas. So, a solid midcard story to start with and potential world title feuds for either man is something we can look forward to.

#2. Shouldn’t: Still have that defining story that will be remembered for years

Their most memorable recent matches were against RKBro and The Usos
Their most memorable recent matches were against RKBro and The Usos

Street Profits has had amazing matches against RKBro, The Alpha Academy and The Usos this year. Their tag team championship match at Money in the bank became an instant classic. And yet something was missing.

It is this feud that most notable teams have had in the past. The Hardys, Edge and Christian and The Dudleys had each other, DX had RKOs and the Usos had the New Day.

Before parting ways, Ford and Dawkins should have opposition that will push them to their limits and beyond. There are teams on the current roster that can do that.

Angelo Dawkins continued to speak WWE RAW Chat following their well-received return on the November 28 episode.

“The Street Profits are here to take over the tag division. That’s been the goal since day 1, that’s been the goal since we came out of our mothers. It’s because we were born champions. The Street Profits’ goal is to be the Undisputed Tag Team of the WWE championship and nothing else.”

Maybe a more personal feud with the Usos will do the trick. Or, better yet, a new feud with Doomsday?

#1. Should: Montez Ford vs. Angelo Dawkins for the WWE World Championship

In order for this to matter and be compared to other successful tag team rivals like Jeff and Matt Hardy and more recently Edge and Randy Orton, the previous point needs to happen.

Still, Street Profits are already three-time tag team champions. They had a combined reign of 312 days as both RAW and SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Both wrestlers are world-class athletes, and a World Championship feud between these two has to happen at some point.

The seeds seem to have already been planted, albeit subtly, of the aforementioned “After the Clock” by Corey Graves. podcast where Dawkins talked about how his partner is a sure future world champion. He also noted:

“…But then I saw people talking about me like I was some kind of peeling or whatever. It was one of those things where everybody thinks for some reason, some weird reason, I’m no good.”

His tag team partner’s organic rise through the ranks is apparently changing Dawkins’ mind. Wanting more respect, he continued:

“I play my role. I’m a role player in a way, but then I had to remind everybody, ‘Hey, dawg, you gotta respect my name.’ That talk is starting to piss me off now. You’re starting to see a different me now.”

Ford is likely to become the breakout star and take the title first. But the timeline doesn’t matter as much as these two wrestlers will finally reach their maximum potential as two future WWE main eventers.

The WWE legend feels that Vince McMahon only has himself to blame for his situation. More details here

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