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Buying something you want isn’t fun, as is the case with most home furnishings, especially investment pieces. But as the summer heats up and the climate continues to get worse, it’s time to upgrade your air conditioner face-to-face or your first investment. Why isn’t it fun to buy these expensive pieces? Well, to begin with, consider the ugly, expensive, and let’s not forget, the awesome setup. However, it has to be done. And the good news is, it’s not as painful as all that.

Gone are the days when you went to your Dad’s favorite Sears for a thrift store look. Now, direct-to-consumer brands and bigger tech names are making advanced and stylish models that make the old ones look like clunky cassette players to Gen Z eyes.

How to shop for window treatments

Window air units are specially designed for those who live in a house or apartment without an AC system built into the walls. Although there are some real AC units, models designed for windows are better, lighter, and save space.

Some things to consider when buying one: noise, price, style, and BTUs. If you’re not sure what BTUs are, you’re in for a treat. Companies use the British Thermal Unit (BTU) as a standard measure of electrical output. Although these are all plugged into the wall, the number of BTUs determines the power of the machine and the amount of square footage it will cool. Common thresholds vary from 6,000 to 14,000. We estimate around 10,000 for a larger living room or 7,000 for a larger bedroom.

We’ve listed each of our top picks before, so all you have to do is pick the best one, the best price, and oh, the right specs. Not asking too much right? That’s why we chose only five options, because it should be easy to buy for these items.


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