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The Next Gen range offers smart features that go beyond off-road driving

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The next generation of the Ford Ranger is here, and this time it’s expanded its capabilities far beyond utility vehicle and off-road explorer. In fact, the new line is a surprisingly capable partner for that most daunting of adventures—raising a family.

The new series introduces itself as the most intelligent, versatile and capable Ranger. To achieve this, the Next Gen product line was designed with input from thousands of Ford Ranger users around the world to create what Ranger Life should look like. This allowed the brand to strike a balance between adventure and everyday lifestyle, allowing users to more seamlessly integrate their Rangers into every aspect of their lives.

For this iteration, expect improved technology, more intuitive cargo systems, and generally improved tools to help Ranger users tackle the world’s challenges.

Don’t get us wrong, the next-generation Ford Rangers are still beasts when it comes to adrenaline-fuelled off-roading, but several of its new features work surprisingly well to get your family safely off the beaten track.

An infotainment system that keeps your cruises comfortable
ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. The next-generation Ford Ranger infotainment system offers intuitive support for passengers. All photos by Lance Agustin

An important part of a family trip is keeping the mood fun through light entertainment. The supercharged Ford Ranger’s dashboard now features a 10-inch touchscreen (12-inch on the Wildtrak) that includes Ford’s cloud-connected vehicle communications and entertainment system. The interface, called SYNC®4A, allows the driver to control the car’s temperature for family comfort, use dark mode to keep the atmosphere cozy on night drives, and play songs on Spotify to enhance sessions. SYNC®4A can also be connected to a smartphone, and a digital user manual is also available for convenience.

A flexible seat that fits the whole family
SPACIOUS SITTING. Smooth faux leather covers the Ranger’s family-sized interior, with plenty of cup holders and storage space for long drives.

Next Gen models feature an updated interior with optimized seats that can handle a large family – including a fur baby. The luxurious interior is covered in smooth leatherette and features folding rear seats that allow seating configurations to store items or even pets. For road trips, the back seat comes with opening cup holders that the family can use for drink breaks at gas stations.

Smarter charging boxes for outdoor gluing
LOAD BOX. The new generation Rangers have a wider stance and strategically placed notches that allow for more cargo space and configuration options.

The next generation Ford Rangers have strengthened their cargo system with their covered cargo boxes, making it useful for both work and play. Have the kids ever dreamed of an overnight stargazing trip? Then car camping is a breeze with the aftermarket option for the cargo box (except the Wildtrak which has it built in) roof rails for awnings or roof top tents. Want to take the family for a bike ride? Storing your rides is no problem with the wider track of the Next Gen Rangers, which now accommodates an entire Euro-standard pallet. Want to try something new and work with your partner in the wilderness? For Wildtrak drivers, its charging box would be equipped with outlets capable of handling gadgets ranging from laptops to power tools.

Driving modes that ensure both power and fuel economy
MOTOR VEHICLE. Multiple driving modes allow drivers to maximize the Ranger’s capabilities on any terrain.

It’s important for families to keep track of their spending, and gas can be a tough bill to pay these days. Fortunately for Ford Ranger users, the Next Gen units have an Eco Drive mode that optimizes the car’s performance to make the most of fuel economy. In addition to this, the Ranger also has other driving modes to help you and your family power through any challenging road.

Ergonomic features for easy access for each relative
STEP UP. Even children can get around with ease thanks to the Ranger’s ergonomic side steps and other aids.

Ford listened to the concerns of Ranger users, no matter how small, and the result was useful details that make it a lifestyle-friendly choice for any driver. For starters, the Ranger now has a rear boot access step that makes it easier for people to jump into the back. The car also has step boards and side handles to help passengers get into their seats. There is also a wireless charging pad on the dash, eliminating the dreaded dead battery problem that kids and parents alike face.

For the icing on the cake, all next-generation Ford Ranger and Everest units come with a five-year warranty when purchased, making it a smart decision for savvy parents.

These are just a glimpse of why the Ford Ranger is as durable as it is family-friendly. With a Ford as your family car, you and your kids can explore new ways to create lasting memories—and maybe find a love of adventure and Ranger Life that you can carry on for years.

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