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More than 6 lakh students dropped out before completing high school in 2022-23. The registration figures for the 2023 edition of the UP Board High School Examinations indicate.

According to UP Board records, 31,78,305 students who had taken admission in Class IX last year have cleared and registered in the high school exams this year. However, 5,58,900 students failed or skipped their high school exams (2022).

If we add last year’s ninth class students and high school students who failed or dropped out, the number of high school students for the 2023 class 10 exam should be 37,37,205.

However, board data indicated that only 31,16,458 students registered for the exam.

While some suggest that the reason for the discrepancy in class 10 exam registration could be the students who failed class 9, even board officials feel that it is not possible for such a large number of students to take home the class 9 exams. Another reason could be fake registration in high school exams 2022. But even if all the 2,61,011 students who dropped out of the exam are fake, they feel that the number of dropouts in the 2023 exams is still very high. .

UP Board Secretary Divyakant Shukla cited the board’s strict anti-copying measures introduced in the last few years as the reason for this large-scale “dropout” before high school exams.

“The strict measures introduced by the board have ensured that only serious and genuine students register for high school and intermediate exams,” he said.

Shukla said this phenomenon is not new and has been observed for the past few years since various measures to eliminate mass copying and other measures brought in to ensure fair conduct of Class 10 and Class 12 examinations in the state.

Yogendra Singh, principal of KP Intermediate College in Civil Lines, Prayagraj, a government-aided secondary school, said: “Such a large number of dropouts is staggering. I have never observed this before. My school had only 10% dropout in 10th class registration. We have been able to make up this time through new admissions and registration of class 10 students who failed.


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