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The Synergy 2010 was Ford’s 1996 thesis on what cars would look like in, yes, 2010. The styling was appropriately retro-futuristic: everything was either smooth or square, surfaces were mirror-polished, and the wheel arches had been done something unnecessary. For lack of a better word, it looked like a concept car, a wild design that represented a wild guess at what the future of motoring might be.

If the exterior of Synergy 2010 tried and failed to predict the future of the automotive industry, the interior succeeded. Synergy 2010 was Ford’s confirmation that the future is about offering the average driver a cheaper, safer, more sustainable and more economical car. Tron-styled, the 2010 Synergy was a mid-size family sedan with a shockingly modern list of tech upgrades. No classic Ford V8 ahead: The 2010 Synergy was a hybrid that combined an electric motor and a 1.0-liter diesel engine that was rated at 80 miles per gallon. A large factory went with a lot of steel: Synergy 2010 had a curb weight of barely 1 ton. There was even a voice-activated phone book on board (via CarStyling).

Nearly 30 years later, modern drivers who look past the “Days of Future Past” styling of the 2010 Ford Synergy get a real glimpse into the future: an affordable family sedan more interested in comfort, convenience and climate responsibility than turning on the track. .


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