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Out of about 250 students of nursing schools in Agbor, Eku and Warri in Delta State, 219 are set to miss the council examinations after the principal failed to produce their index and examination number.

The students, who paid about N98,000 examination fee and N15,000 test fee each, told FIJ on Tuesday that they are yet to have their index and examination numbers.

“We couldn’t write our council exams today and this is the result of a problem that started in 2019,” said a nursing student on Tuesday who asked not to be named.

“In our first year as nursing students, we paid for indexing twice. We paid three other times for the same indexing, making it five payments for the same process. Officials claimed that whoever had done the indexing earlier had not done so authentically.

“In July this year, we were told that our school (School of Nursing, Agbor) had to pay N98,000 for the council examination. We received a short notice and paid N15,000 for the computer-based test. That CBT test was never conducted.

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Payment receipts for Nursing Council Examinations

Students had about a week to raise money for their council exam fees.

Another student at the School of Nursing in Agbor confirmed what the first student told FIJ.

“We were temporarily staying in Asaba for the examination that was supposed to take place today. It was about 12 midnight when the Director of Nursing Services and our principals came armed to address us. They told us that only 31 students from three nursing schools have index and exam number,” the student said.

“We paid for this council exam in July, we paid N98,000 for the exam. They didn’t tell us we didn’t have our index number until the night before the exam. We paid N15,000 for a CBT test but we never got to do that test.

Each student paid a total of N113,000 for the CBT test and the council examination. The FIJ found that 219 nursing students who paid a total of N24,747,000 were barred from sitting the council examination because they did not have index and examination number.

The Delta State Director of Nursing Services, Gloria Ogobun, told the students that most did not receive their index and examination number due to a technical glitch. Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN) Headquarters.

According to another student who spoke to FIJ, Ogobe was also lying about the technical glitch from the NMCN headquarters.

“We called the headquarters after they told us the problem was from Abuja. “They told us that NMCN has no problems with schools in Delta State,” the student said.

“When they asked us to pay N98,000 for the council exam we discovered that the portal was not yet open. Nursing students of Delta State University had no problems with their own registration. I also understand that they did not pay as much as the N98,000 we paid.

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The student also told FIJ that over 200 students from Agbor, Eku and Warri marched to the examination center to protest on Tuesday.

“DELSU nursing students were at the exam center ready to write the exam. We had to protest and insist that no one would be allowed to take the exam if the rest could not. There were about 90 students from Agbor, Eku and Warri,” the student said.

The two students said Delta State Health Commissioner Mordi Ononi went to the examination center to meet the protesting students.

No one took the nursing council exam on Tuesday. FIJ learned that Ononi asked every nursing student to return to their campus.

“I don’t know what will happen to our money and school year now,” said one student.

FIJ sent a mail to NMCN’s email addresses but received an automated response. They had not sent a reply to the FIJ at press time.


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