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This image was provided by LG Electronics Inc.  on January 26, 2021, featuring the company's new Whisen Tower.

This image was provided by LG Electronics Inc. on January 26, 2021, featuring the company’s new Whisen Tower.

SEOUL, November 15 (Korea Bizwire)Air conditioners, which used to be used as home appliances only for the summer season, are changing to be used in four seasons due to the application of various functions, including air conditioning but also cleaning. of air and various heating options.

It was analyzed by LG Electronics Inc. data of 129,311 types of air-conditioners registered on its ThinQ app. The analysis showed that light usage hours for January, in the middle of winter, averaged 6.4 hours.

Of the total, 2,937 units were operated in January. Among them, 1,837 units were used for air cleaning and 669 units for heating.

The most used activity was air cleaning at 58.6 percent. On days when the density of fine dust is high, this practice is increasingly used.

Thanks to the improvement of air cleaning in recent years, many consumers choose to use air machines, instead of air cleaning, for air purification.

The annual volume of the air conditioner market increased to 2.5 million units in 2017 from 2 million units in 2016, and has remained at the 2.5 million unit mark since then.

With sales of air conditioners stagnant for many years, the industry has been promoting air conditioners as home appliances for four years while engaging in new product competition.

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