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November 26: Odisha is holding the third edition of the ‘Make in Odisha Conclave’22’, from November 30 to December 4 at Bhubaneswar, the biggest investor conference, to showcase the world what the government offers for investment opportunities and flexibility. of business. And the beneficiary of this offer is a ‘son of the soil’, Mansoor Ali from Odisha currently residing in Mumbai–founder and CEO of AMFAH India which operates in India and globally, Air Quality company The first lake in the country, Haumāma Rongo has an office. in Mumbai, Delhi and Dubai.

The AMFAH Group has been ranked among the top 10 in the world’s most innovative business research published worldwide for its business forecast air treatment products.

Mansoor Ali is looking to explore opportunities for investment in the state for his program and leadership potential and hopes to connect with state and local investors/partners. He believes that the ‘Make in Odisha Conclave’22 ‘ is the best way to understand the policy and legal environment of Odisha and the vast business opportunities that are emerging.

Ali will be joined by his brother Mr Rehman Ali, a consultant for AMFAH group corporate strategy and international relations based in New Delhi.

AMFAH Group is looking to invest in Odisha with an international JV partnership, under favorable conditions from the Odisha government in the forum. Ali believes that the group can create jobs and generate economic benefits for the state.

In the epidemic of Global Air Quality Humidity Solutions is predicted for a great review in all parts of the world offering great business opportunities to the group that is profitable to move first in India is very knowledge and customer base.

AMFAH was one of the first to identify the need and opportunity for air quality and moisture management in India, and the company is at the forefront of meeting the challenges posed by the pandemic. in 2020. A research paper was submitted to the Government of India and Maharashtra, ‘Health Care, Health and Lifestyle Changes to Prevent the Transmission of COVID-19’, showing the role of the Ventilation, Filtration, and Humidity in the indoor environment to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

AMFAH was one of the first to recognize that Covid is an airborne disease.
The company’s R&D team also developed a new type of detergent to break the virus and its chains. AMFAH has partnered with MCGM Mumbai Health Department to introduce their innovative, Safety Management Units (patent pending), in several hospitals, police stations, ICUs, war rooms, and COVID shelter across Mumbai.

Mr. Ali, a pioneer in the field of HVAC and air conditioning solutions, has won several national and international awards for his bravery in Mumbai during the Pandemic.

Mansoor Ali also participated in the main petition sent by Dr. Stephanie Taylor from the Harvard Medical School to the WHO in the first wave, knowing that COVID has been accepted as an airborne virus.

Professional Travel

After his initial education in Odisha and Delhi, Mansoor Ali launched his professional career in marketing and management with BPL SANYO and then moved to leadership roles in MNCs. Here he honed his knowledge of HVAC products. As he markets air quality products, he is concerned about climate change and global warming and their impact on the world.

His experience in the field made him aware of the impending health crisis caused by bad air and water problems. This concern led him to launch AMFAH INDIA Indoor Air Quality Solutions in 2007 with AMFAH General LLC in Dubai.

With the right combination of domain expertise and resources, AMFAH has developed a strong presence in the market. Their products come from the best in the world and have a market share.

Future Markets and AMFAH Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has created awareness and demand for various air quality products. We are seeing strong demand for Air Conditioners, Air Conditioners, and new air conditioners.

But Mansoor Ali believes that as the market for such products increases, so will the challenges for his company. He feels that being a pioneer and a leader in this industry for years gives them the blessing and the responsibility to continue to serve people in a good way. The AMFAH brand is trusted and the company is poised to expand and grow within the ecosystem.

Mr. Mansoor Ali said, “The Odisha Conclave is the right place for the group to present and network. AMFAH’s research on air quality has attracted world leaders to explore ways of working together to cater to the local market for export purposes.

Mansoor Ali is committed to providing quality delivery regardless of the situation. This mentality is the primary motive behind the success of AMFAH India.


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