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Amidst the chaos in Europe, the rise of Rishi Sunak is a bright hope | Rare Techy


Among the wealthiest nations facing global challenges, the UK recently welcomed Rishi Sunak, India’s first Prime Minister, who described himself as a “proud Hindu” who promised to Bhagavad Gita after becoming a Member of Parliament and became the first person of color to occupy this seat. The 42-year-old is the oldest British Prime Minister in two centuries, the country’s third prime minister in three months and his fifth in just six years. It is a reflection of the deep problems of the economy.

Current News in Tehelka by Gopal Misra “Economic crisis hits Europe” as rich nations face challenges. Misra writes that Russia’s war with Ukraine is a terrible act that has not only plunged one-third of Ukraine into darkness and lack of drinking water but a deadly winter awaits a troubled Europe. . A winter of increasing depression has come for people in different parts of Europe. They are heating themselves by burning biomass. In Poland, in villages, trees are being cut down to get wood for heating. In France, gasoline distribution has already begun. In Germany, traffic lights are being turned off at night to save energy. In the UK, restaurants are closing due to the use of electricity restrictions. In Spain, there is a blanket ban on the use of air conditioners, and its violation is a crime.

In this context, one interesting aspect is the diaspora that is seen in the elevation of Rishi Sunak, a man from India who is the leader of the former colonial leaders. His ascension to 10 Downing Street after Liz Truss’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it decision to cut her power as British Prime Minister was a watershed moment in modern British history. Earlier, his former boss Boris Johnson faced a negative outcome after accusing the ineffective management of the coronavirus pandemic with accusations of corruption, colonialism and the crisis of payment by overthrowing the former colonial rulers under India economically.

Shakespeare’s famous lines, “There lies the head that wears the crown” are perfect for Sunak who says the UK is facing a ‘deep economic challenge’ with around $45 billion budget deficit and rising inflation of 10 percent and inflation. method. The challenges are tough for Sunak but in his first speech as Prime Minister, he said he was “not afraid”. Don’t let it be just euphoria.

A big reason for Sunak’s rise to 10 Downing Street is that people can look beyond color and believe in embracing the ability to meet new challenges. India has been showing the world for a long time that the country can be run better with presidents and prime ministers from minority communities and minorities.


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