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Authorities seem to take cruelty to an animal — even if it’s just a rat — seriously, after two veterinarians performed a forensic examination showing the rat died of a lung infection.

A case was filed against Manoj Kumar, a nearby resident, for tying a stone to the rat’s tail and throwing it into the drain.

KP Singh, joint director of the Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), Bareilly, said a forensic report on the rat was conducted by a team of two veterinarians.

The report showed that the rat’s lungs were swollen, Singh said.

Our experts concluded that the rat died due to suffocation due to lung infection, added Singh.

Meanwhile, Deputy SP (City) Alok Mishra said that no forensic report has been received yet and the accused Manoj has been released on bail after the FIR.

Animal activist Vikendra Sharma, who rescued the rat, reported this to the police on Thursday.

However, the mouse died after some time.

The officer had earlier said that based on the complaint, the dead rat was sent to the veterinary hospital in Budaun for forensic examination and the accused was called to the police station.

However, when the hospital staff refused to carry out the test, the rat was sent to IVRI in Bareilly.

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