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Test your knowledge with these questions (representative image)

Test your knowledge with these questions (representative image)

Brain Teaser: Which city hosted the first Summer and Winter Olympic Games? Let’s see if you can answer these general knowledge questions

Mastering General Knowledge is now a must for those preparing for jobs and appearing for any entrance exam. Experts suggest that if you focus more on current affairs along with Standard GK, chances of success will increase. That is why general knowledge is also considered as a scoring category.

To test your GK and Current Affairs preparation, check if you can answer these questions:

Question 1. Which disease is caused by protozoa?

A. Malaria

B. Pneumonia

C. Cold

D. Cholera

Answer – Malaria

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Question 2. Which of the following serves the Portuguese dish ‘churros’?

A. Chocolate

B. Barfi

C. bread

D. Rice

Answer – Chocolate

Question 3. Who was the first Indian ruler to rule a country outside India?

A. Ashoka

B. Chandragupta Maurya

C. Kanishka

D. Huvishkudu

Answer- Kanishka

Question 4. The book ‘Mrityunjaya’ is based on which character of Mahabharata?

A. Arjuna

B. Bhima

C. Karnan

D. Drona

Answer- Karna

Question 5. What causes the red color of red soil?

A. Phosphoric acid

B. Calcium

C. Nitrogen

D iron

Answer – Iron

Question 6. Who was the first American astronomer to discover that there is no sun at the center of the Milky Way?

A. Frank Drake

B. Edwin Hubble

C. William K. Hartman

D. Harlow Shapley

Answer- Harlow Shapley

Question 7. Which city hosted the Summer and Winter Olympic Games for the first time?

A. Tokyo

B. Beijing

C. Greece

D. France

Answer – Beijing

Question 8. Which of these songs was sung by famous American rapper Kanye West?

A. Flashing lights


C Rap God

D. God’s plan

Answer – flashing lights

Question 9. Words like jigger, cue and break pot are related to which sport?

A. Chess

B. Badminton

C. Rugby

D. Billiards

Answer – Billiards

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Question 10. How many players are on the field in a baseball game?

A. 9 people

B. 14 people

C. 15 people

D. 11 people

Answer – 9 players

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