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Based on the 427 GT40 platform, the Ford GT40 X1 was a 1960s open-top experimental race car used by the Blue Oval to test various engines and transmissions. A modern tribute to the X1 was produced in the mid-2000s, limited to just four units. Now considered one of the most elite modern Ford GTs, one of these extremely rare automotive tributes is now set to cross the auction block.

Photo: Broad Arrow Auctions

Commissioned by avid car collector Hamad Alkaz, the GTX1 was ready for the 2005 SEMA show, where it surprisingly garnered a lot of attention. Built by the Genadd Design Group with Ford’s blessing, the GTX1 featured a Targa-style hood that could be configured in an open-air or T-shaped configuration thanks to a removable center beam and roof panels. Adorned in Valencia Yellow with titanium racing stripes and custom “Ford GTX1” graphics, the American-made supercar featured a carbon aero package with a front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser, all of which leave a texture of the material across the screen.

Photo: Broad Arrow Auctions

The GTX1 is powered by a mid-mounted, modified supercharged 5.4-liter V8 rated at 700 hp—up 150 hp from the 2005 GT. Other changes to the donor include a redesigned carbon fiber rear flap, specially embroidered SPARCO seats and a Borla exhaust system. Finishing off this example is Valencia Yellow, upgraded brake calipers and custom five-spoke wheels.

Photo: Broad Arrow Auctions

This 2005 Ford GTX1 with less than 130 original miles will cross the auction block at Broad Arrow Auctions’ upcoming West Palm Beach sale beginning August 19, where this one-of-four example is expected to fetch between $850,000 and $850,000. $1,000,000.


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