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Best Alcoholic Whiskey in 2022 | Rare Techy


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  • After trying more than 150 whiskeys of all brands, I decided to stop my liver and try some non-alcoholic versions.
  • I compared five non-alcoholic whiskeys as well as mocktails.
  • Zero and Monday Spirits are the best with their pleasant complexities and balanced flavors.

I like whiskey. Over 150 bourbons, ryes, Scotches, and more. However, it’s nice to have a non-alcoholic whiskey when I want a mocktail, so I don’t lose my teetotalling guests.

I’ve rounded up five of the best non-alcoholic whiskeys to compare their flavors to the real thing and see if they work well in mocktails. I also enlisted the help of my wife and a non-drinking friend to come up with ideas for mocktails. Zero Alcohol Spirits Bourbon and Monday Zero Alcohol Whiskey stood out. Here’s what makes them special and how competitive they are.


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