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According to the current CNM catalog, challenge exams are available only to applicants who wish to establish CNM credit for a specific course and to currently enrolled students.

Challenge exams are not available for all courses. See the Challenge Exam Request Form for available BHT departmental challenge exams. Other postsecondary institutions will not accept course credit awarded through challenge exams. If you are looking to transition from CNM, consider taking the CLEP exams.

BHT Challenge Exams are available

Challenge exams by BHT give applicants and students who sit the opportunity to earn credit(s) for the knowledge they demonstrate in the exam area we offer.

  • BUSA ​​1180 (Business Math)
  • ACCT 2110 (Introduction to Financial Accounting)
  • BUSA ​​1110 (Introduction to Business)
  • BUSA ​​1115 (Business English)
  • OTEC 1101 (Beginner Keyboarding)
  • OTEC 1102 (Keyboarding Skill Building)
  • OTEC 1103 (Keyboarding Skillbuilding II)

Available BHT Standard Exams

Standardized exams are another way to complete your degree or certificate faster. Learn about the process of earning college credit by reading more information about standardized tests.

BHT offers IT 1010 Industry Certification Exam (IC3) and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams.

Challenge exam regulations

  • A student must meet course prerequisites.
  • A student can attempt the challenge exam only once per course.
  • A student may not take a challenge exam if, within the last 10 years, the course has been completed at any school with a letter grade, including audit (AU) but excluding withdrawal (W) grades.
  • A grade credit (CR) will be recorded when the student completes CNM credit coursework during the same or subsequent term. Challenge exam credit is posted at the end of the exam term if the student is currently enrolled. If the exam is taken during a term break, it will be considered taken in the “next” term.
  • Successfully challenged courses count toward program requirements and the CNM’s graduate residency requirement.

Challenge Exam Fee

There is a fee for each challenge exam. Read more information about the cost of challenge exams.

Need help?

If you have questions about Challenge Exams, please contact us.

(505) 224-3811

BHT Process and Requirements

  • Challenge exams measure your knowledge or skills of course content, and exam results are not discussed with you. Guidance materials are not available for tests; You can review the required textbooks for the course you are challenging.
    • The minimum passing score for a challenge exam is 81 percent.
    • For keyboarding challenges, this is expressed in WPM with 5 or fewer errors.
  • If the challenge exam has more than one part, you must complete each subsequent part within two weeks of the date of completion of the first part of the challenge exam.
  • When you are ready to challenge the class, you must fill out a challenge request form that includes an acknowledgment that you meet and understand the CNM requirements. School of Business, Hospitality & Technology Process and procedure.
  • Once the Examination by Credit permit is approved, you will be notified to pick up the paperwork. Notifications will only be sent to your CNM email. The exam must be taken within 35 days of being notified that the challenge has been accepted, otherwise the exam will be removed from the exam site.
  • If you challenge a course in which you are currently enrolled and the challenge is granted, you must drop the course before the official final drop deadline printed on the Schedule of Classes for that course (see Schedule of Classes for official drop dates). Two drop dates are listed. You must drop by the last day to drop without a “W” deadline or a “W” will appear on your transcript. When you drop the course, the course credit hours do not count as part of your course load.
  • Leaving a challenge exam may affect financial aid. If you do not drop the course, the challenge will be considered rejected regardless of the challenge exam results and the “earned” grade will be used for the enrolled course.


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