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Make sure your Black Friday doesn’t turn into Black Friday! BLUETTI has announced some great deals and discounts on their entire list of power stations, giving everyone the opportunity to reclaim their independence from power grid failures and bad weather, and bring or their rights to go on camping and field trips!

BLUETTI’s biggest sale will start on November 11th and will be available at all of their power stations. In addition to those great prizes are some exciting lucky prizes, mystery boxes, and product gifts like mini fridges on purchases over $5000. Want to snag a better deal for less? Grab a $199 mystery box for a chance to win a $900 power supply!

Here’s a look at BLUETTI power stations and their discounted prices, so you can grab one this winter or before spring comes and you break down your camper or RV. or

The $600 AC500 + B300S is BLUETTI’s power station and battery combo. The AC500 is like no other power station you’ve ever seen – its compact size can provide 5,000W of power (with 10,000W of burst power), and can be connected to up to six B300S battery, more than 18,000. Wh of power to last you for days even with regular use. The power of 5,000W is amazing, because you can control all kinds of heavy equipment such as refrigerators, microwaves, fans, all without breaking a sweat. The AC500 has a total of 16 ports and two wireless charging zones. This is the only 5000W power station that allows you to run your mini-grid on solar power, giving you the independence you deserve!

It’s what we like

  • With its 5000W output and the ability to connect up to 6 battery packs, the AC500 and B300S are BLUETTI’s most powerful combination. Its high power output and modular battery system mean you can run a medium-sized home for nearly a week during a power outage. Pretty impressive, huh?

[NOTE: Nov 18th onwards, EB3A further reduces to $209 at $90 off]

Unveiled this year at CES 2022, the EB3A from BLUETTI is a compact yet powerful power station that weighs only 10 pounds but lets you control everything from your smartphone to your EV! It’s only slightly larger than a beer cooler and comes with a 268Wh and 600W internal microwave. Although this compact station is designed to be taken outside, it’s more than capable of doing some heavy duty work at home, charging your laptop, lawnmower, electric grill or EV . Take it outside, connect it with BLUETTI’s solar panels and you can live for two days. Or better yet, keep one in your garage for emergencies like power outages, illness, or unexpected natural disasters.

It’s what we like

  • Compact, powerful, and less expensive than a pair of AirPods. Looking to take your power needs into your own hands? Here’s the perfect way to get started!

Packed with 2000W output and 2000Wh EV-grade LiFePO4 batteries, the AC200P wins our editor’s choice award for hitting the sweet spot between power, portability, and affordability. The power station comes with 17 different outlets to keep your home and life connected, as well as two wireless charging pads to keep your phone and AirPods charged. Like all BLUETTI power stations, the AC200P supports charging with solar panels for 7 different ways to charge the power station. The 2000W output makes the AC200P perfect for running large electrical appliances such as Blenders, Ice coolers, Radios, Projectors, etc. power grid or power difference.

It’s what we like

  • It’s about the same price as a laptop, but it has the power to save your home from power outages. I’d say that’s a big deal!

If the AC200P is Iron Man, think of the AC200MAX as the Hulkbuster suit. It comes with a 2200W output, but sports up to 16 outputs, increasing the previous performance. The AC200MAX also runs on external batteries, connected to BLUETTI’s B230 LiFePO4 battery cells with a capacity of 2048Wh each. Need more power? Well, that’s not a problem because you can connect a second battery to the AC200MAX, giving you more power if you like. Or better yet, connect to solar panels for continuous power whether you’re in town or out and about!

It’s what we like

  • Priced at $2799, the AC200MAX and B230 are ideal for medium-sized homes. 2200W of power can easily handle everything from your coffee maker to your fridge, air conditioner or even that EV in your garage! No sweat!

The AC300 was launched by BLUETTI as the first space power station, with the ability to not only add more batteries to the mix but connect two AC300 stations together to double their output! The power station is paired with BLUETTI’s B300 battery (3072Wh capacity), depending on the size of your house, the number of appliances you have, or even the duration of the power cut in your area, it can you make yourself. power grid backup via multi-battery connection. The whole setup is portable, which means you can take the power station and batteries to the campsites, and the AC300 is built in 3000W AC pure wave inverter with 16 outlets and give you the ability to maintain your house, camp, and backyard. running without hiccups! Also support for solar panels? Why, of course!!

It’s what we like

  • It’s a strong contender for our editor’s choice, given its unique setup. Whether you have a small cabin or a large 2-story row house or 2-3 tent pitches on a camping site, you can create the electrical grid you want, by connecting the batteries you need (should be solar panels for clean, renewable energy). Need to charge your EV back and forth from camp? Now you can!

If your budget is tight, BLUETTI’s travel-friendly EB series is the perfect portable power solution. A bigger brother to the EB3A (we gave it the Best Price tag), the EB55 can produce 700W of power (it’s 1400W), and with a 537Wh internal battery you can go to outdoors for individual or group camping trips. external images. The EB55 is highly portable, weighing 16.5lbs (7.5Kg) and comes with an integrated handle to help you carry it around. There are 11 outlets on this bad boy and you can charge every personal device you can think of, from your phone to your drone, even your laptop!

It’s what we like

  • Portable power station for charging the Apple Watch. The EB55 is a no-brainer for anyone who travels a lot and needs to keep their phone/laptop handy for a whole day or several days. Heck, the EB55 allows you to attach solar panels to you, giving you access wherever you go!

Less powerful than the EB55, the EB70S has an 800W output and a built-in 716Wh battery. The perfect tailgating companion, this portable portable can power a 75W TV or mini TV, as well as a 90W refrigerator for a good 6-8 hours on a full charge. You can install up to 12 devices at once, and boast a compact, take-anywhere design that’s perfect for your car or pickup truck.

It’s what we like

  • Yes, we go outside to disconnect from the world and reconnect with nature… but what happens when you get lost and your phone goes OFF? Maybe you’re out and about and really want to watch a Lakers game. Having a portable power station is not always easy, sometimes it is necessary to survive. 800W of power output, 716Wh of battery, and the ability to charge through the sun you can quietly disconnect from the world, knowing that you can always be connected!

These two bad boys are definitely bigger than the other power stations on this list, but unlike other heavy duty power stations, the EP500 and EP500Pro come with their own batteries at built in, giving you a single, monolithic solution. to all your power. Both boast a battery capacity of 5100Wh and come with power outputs of 2000W and 3000W respectively. Size is the only thing with the EP500 and EP500Pro, but if it’s not so easy, they make up for it with their four-smooth mobile design in their base.

It’s what we like

  • Do you just want to buy something that works right out of the box? The EP500 and EP500Pro have everything you need to get started. It’s not designed for travel (since the power station and battery are in one big unit), but it’s very powerful for indoor use, and it comes with a built-in UPS so you don’t lose the power you. at work or going to a meeting. It’s not about split-seconds.

Visit BLUETTI’s website to check out all of these popular Black Friday deals! It’s valid until November 30th, so grab it while you can… and don’t forget to enter the Lucky Draw or grab some mystery boxes to win some free cash!


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