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HYDERABAD: Air quality in Hyderabad is better than Delhi. But according to experts, winter is the worst time of the year for indoor air quality at home or at work in cities like Hyderabad. Our houses and blocks of flats are thermally sealed for heating and pollutant trapping, which may not be harmful, but they can be dangerous.

Keep pollution at bay:
The air is good: Not all of us have large windows that open onto the porch. But, if the air in the room is bad, don’t stay inside for more than two hours and go outside for fresh air. Keep the windows open unless they face a busy street. Keep windows slightly or open to allow air to circulate at night.

Avoid sitting in a room/office with people sitting for long periods of time: Humans emit a lot of smoke and humidify the air without proper ventilation. Increased humidity due to Aerosols and body heat in indoor environments favor bacteria and viruses.

Air balance: None of us want outside air to come in, especially if it’s all dusty and polluted. We can use air conditioning and cleaning to keep the air fresh. If not, the pipe cleaners will be overworked.
Stop using air fresheners: If you notice a bad smell, clean the room and get fresh air. Because, Incense sticks, air fresheners and scented candles are more harmful during winter. Even open cleaning chemicals can release pollutants into the air.

“The air hangs when the temperature is low; whether indoors or outdoors, the atmosphere remains suspended. In a house filled with air conditioners or mosquito repellents, without proper ventilation, it is a sign of polluted air,” said K Krishna, a meteorologist at the India Meteorological Department. .
“Bacteria and mold, cleaning equipment also releases many pollutants into the air. In addition, we all close the windows and doors when it’s cold. It keeps the air in the room, if it is not ventilated, becomes dirty over time. Also, turning on the air or blowing it without enough air before airing is dangerous, because it changes the gas in the air,” said Dr K Pramila, assistant professor of chemistry at the Dr Br Ambedkar Open University.


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