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When shopping for air conditioners, one term you’ll come across is BTUs, also known as British Thermal Units. This guide will help you understand what the BTU rating is and how it can help you choose the right air conditioner for your home. For the purposes of this post, we’re focusing on BTU ratings for window air vents.

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Basic BTU

The measure of an air conditioner’s power is its BTU rating. BTUs are the ability to remove heat from a room. Therefore, the more BTUs an air conditioning unit has, the more efficiently it cools a larger area.

How many BTUs do I need?

When determining the BTUs you need, measure the dimensions of the room you want to install. Once you have calculated the square footage, you will need it 20 BTUs per square foot of room area
. In addition to the size of the room, you should also consider the height of the ceiling, whether the room is shaded and the size of the window (if applicable).

Next, multiply the square footage of your room by 20. If your space is 300 square feet, you’ll want to find a model that can produce at least 6,000 BTUs. As a guide, consider 5,000-BTU models for rooms 150 square feet or smaller, 8,000 BTU for medium-sized rooms (340 square feet), and 12,000 to 14,000-BTU models for rooms with an area of ​​550 to 800 square meters.

Having the right attitude is important. The unit can perform at its best, saving you money and extending the life of the air conditioner.

Avoid these common AC mistakes

If you try to use an air conditioner with too few BTUs, the air will turn on and off more and more as you try to keep it up, and your energy bills will go up.

Regular operation can put negative pressure on your air conditioner, which may require more maintenance and shorten its lifespan.

You also don’t want to buy a model that is too loud for the room. Yes, a 12,000-BTU will cool a small space (150 square feet or less) quickly. But it might be cool also quickly, preventing the removal of some of the ambient moisture from the room and leaving the room damp.

There are two final things to be aware of

When shopping for air conditioners, look for models with environmental settings. Environmental settings can help your unit to be more manageable, and you can set up better comfort and savings.

Positioning your air is also important. You’ll want to avoid placing your unit near a TV or other appliances that generate heat, which forces the fan to run continuously.

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