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Carmen Copper Corp. scholar Ann Milleni Antok placed ninth in the recent 2022 Social Worker Licensure Examination.  / contributed

Carmen Copper Corp. scholar Ann Milleni Antok placed ninth in the recent 2022 Social Worker Licensure Examination. / contributed

A scholar of Carmen Copper Corporation and the only graduate from Cebu topped the September 2022 Social Worker Licensure Examination.

Ann Mileni Antoc of the University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) placed ninth with a rating of 86.40 percent. She is the first scholar to top the licensure exam since the inception of the Carmen Copper Scholarship Program in 2012.

“I am blessed to be a registered social worker and extremely grateful to be a topnotcher. This was made possible through a scholarship grant from the Carmen Copper Corporation. I was lucky enough to accept,” she said.

Antock, from Toledo City, attributed her success to the advice of her professors, the constant support of her family and friends, and her faith.

The 22-year-old’s learning journey has not been easy. She recalled being confused about what degree program to take in college given her family’s growing financial needs.

Her father works as a truck operator at Carmen Copper and her mother manages their small sari-sari store.

At the time, her two older brothers were in college and the youngest was in high school.

“Pursuing tertiary education seemed like a luxury to me. I was stuck with whether to pursue it or not, but a passionate heart seeks her way,” she said.

After graduating from senior high school, Antoke passed the psychology entrance exam at Cebu Normal University. However, she decided against attending the state university as she believed she was meant for something else.

Her search for purpose led her down a course that changed her life forever.

“I really wanted to make an impact, be a catalyst, be an agent of change. “I found that my heart was beating for the profession of social worker,” Antock said.

Anrock worked and studied as a USPF working scholar. It was a daunting responsibility, especially for a college freshman.

She took a leap of faith in her sophomore year when she heard that the Carmen Copper Scholarship was accepting applicants. The rest is history.

As a Carmen Copper Scholar, Antoc enjoyed full tuition and monthly allowances.

“This opportunity comes with hard work, so I worked hard every day to get a happy grade. “I focused on my studies and learned about things that will develop me as a social worker who can provide quality service,” she said.

After finishing school, Antrock spent two months preparing for the licensure exam. Although it was hectic, she was thankful that she was able to win.

“The key is self-discipline and most importantly, trust God to put you in the right place. As my father used to tell us, as soon as possible – always say a prayer,” Antock said.

It takes an entire community to educate a child. As such, Carmen Copper Corporation devotes a significant amount of its resources to helping provide access to quality and inclusive education.

Through the Social Development and Management Programme, the company has till date sent 1,953 children from underprivileged families to school.

Antock was one of 79 Carmen Copper Scholars who graduated last school year. 43 of them have won academic awards and Latin honors.


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