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If the Cleveland Browns have a secret weapon in their offensive arsenal, it might be University of Cincinnati Bearcats rookie Jerome Ford.

Jerome Ford, if he can hit, could be the star the Cleveland Browns look for to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 12. The Bucs are extremely tough on defense, allowing just 180 points, but if they have a weakness it may be against the run, where they have given up 4.5 yards per carry and are 13th overall with 1,166 yards.

Most of the Browns’ funds must go to superstar Nick Chubb. That’s clear. However, opposing defenders have learned that they can beat Chubb by sending eight players into the box to stop the run and withstand Jacoby Brissett’s aerial bombardment versus man-to-man coverage.

Cleveland has been looking for a colleague to spread the workload all season. While Kareem Hunt is still somewhat effective as a receiver, he hasn’t been his usual self, averaging just 3.9 yards per carry compared to 4.9 last season. Also, they seem to have given up on D’Ernest Johnson despite his career average of 5.2 yards/throw. Maybe this would be a good time to let Ford get a few reps as a pass rusher or even as a slot receiver.

Ford has been outstanding as a returner, returning 11 for 283 yards, or 26.3 yards per return. He has shown great elusiveness. He missed time on IR this season with an ankle injury, but shows no residual signs on special teams. He has come close to opening a return on several occasions. Maybe he’ll have a big game against Tampa Bay.

Ford played at the University of Cincinnati after two years at Alabama. In his final year in Cincinnati, he gained 1,319 yards on the ground and added another 220 receiving yards. He certainly passed the eyeball test in the preseason, racking up 88 yards on 19 carries (4.6 yards per carry) and going eight of nine for 71 receiving yards. He scored once on the ground and once with a balloon.

Nick Chubb’s career average in the fourth quarter is 6.0 yards per carry, so if the Browns can keep him fresh, it could be devastating. This is best achieved by having other backs to absorb some of the pounding in the first three quarters.

While the Browns have averaged a respectable 24.0 points per game this season, they aren’t the fastest team everyone expected at the start of the season. Rather, they are fifth, behind bears, ravens, falcons and giants. It’s nearly impossible to lead the NFL in rushing yards with just one or even two backs. Typically, teams with dominant rushing attacks get meaningful rushing yards from multiple quarterbacks.

If the Browns plan to not give D’Ernest Johnson any touches at all and continue to diminish Kareem Hunt’s role, then Ford may have a chance to get a touch. Come on Coach, try the kid.


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