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It’s easy these days to get the right temperature in our rooms and cool it but if we have to work hard it will dig a hole in our budget and it will be more difficult to relax. A major complaint against air conditioners is that they consume too much energy and pioneers in the industry have come up with 5-star ACs that are environmentally friendly and portable. This is the new generation of air conditioners that cool faster and save energy at the same time as they emit greenhouse gases and promise zero ozone depletion. In order for you to know the best sellers in this category we have compiled a list of air conditioners that will cool your room and work without worry.

Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5 Star, Inverter Split ACTeam Product Line

Whirlpool is a household name these days and never disappoints with its great appliances.

Bringing the latest generation of air conditioners with its 4 in 1 technology that can be changed that adapts to the heating needs of the room experiencing heat stress and adjusts the temperature by varying the fan speed with their new IntelliSense Inverter technology, this AC is the perfect choice. for our homes this process reduces energy and energy consumption.

This AC also protects the environment as it uses R32 eco refrigerant which has less greenhouse gasses and less cooling volume to operate and comes with a free working Inverter Compressor. which reduces the noise coming from the air unit to make us feel better. and a refreshing cooling experience.

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Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window ACTeam Product Line

Voltas dispels the common perception of window ACs as poor in design and performance with their new ergonomically designed 1.5-ton window ACs with a 5-star energy rating. Economical and easy to install, this Voltas AC comes with R32 eco refrigerant and a PM 2.5 filter to clean the air in the room while being efficient.

With its unique louvre design, Voltas AC allows the air flow to increase the cooling performance quickly and evenly without leaving any hot spots in the room. It maintains a constant temperature by cutting out excessive cooling and energy consumption, and the copper condenser coil is more durable and provides efficient cooling.

In addition, it has a powerful cooling system that knows the humidity in the house and adjusts the food and cooling to control the air temperature.

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LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star AI DUAL Inverter Split AC

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star AI DUAL Inverter Split ACTeam Product Line

Life is better with the LG AI DUAL 5-star Inverter separate AC because it can predict not only the necessary heating power but also knowing the conditions of the room and can choose fan speed, location and temperature settings to suit your needs.

To save you the hassle of switching between modes and adjusting settings each time, this versatile technology gives you six different heating options to choose from.

The AC comes with ‘Anti-Virus Protection’ where the filter screen is coated with Cationic Silver Ions which destroys 99% of viruses and bacteria it comes in contact with and the great Black Sea Protection provided on the inner copper tubes and the outer Unit as long as possible. the unit’s durability in India’s regions that are exposed to sand, salt, smoke and other pollutants, makes this air conditioner a safe choice to apply at home.

It also has many other features like Low Air Flow, Free Operation, Smart Indicator System, Super Silent Operation and Auto cleaning which makes this AC the perfect choice for these summers and our needs.

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Panasonic 1 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Split Air Conditioner

Panasonic 1 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Split Air ConditionerTeam Product Line

Panasonic is leading the way with its excellent Auto Inverter that adjusts power based on heat load. The AC is very quiet and can be commanded by Alexa or Google’s voice assistant, OkGoogle. With a capacity of one ton, this AC is perfect for small rooms. MIRAIE, Panasonic’s AI-enabled app that allows us to control the AC from anywhere in the world and do so in a different way in the box with our temperatures and speed.

In addition to convenience, on MIRAIE we can get a one-touch service and personal analysis to be warned about issues that may arise in advance. Panasonic promises cooling even on the hottest summer days with its Strong and Dry Mode

Mode that removes moisture from the room on rainy days.

To protect the internal and external part from these bad conditions, they have added a protective layer with their Shield Blu technology which is an anti-corrosive coating to prevent any leaks and protect the copper tube.

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LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Window AC

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Window ACTeam Product Line

LG brings home a stylish window AC equipped with Dual Inverter Compressor and Dual Speed ​​Rotary Motor to ensure the AC cools faster and runs longer. It expands the rotation frequency and increases the cooling speed range all the while saving more energy.

It is also possible to connect to Wifi using LG Thinq technology and command through voice assistants, Amazon’s Alexa and Ok Google, to make it easier to monitor and control as we can start with stopping the AC, changing its mode or adjusting the temperature while traveling. from all over the world.

The top outlet expands the air flow and helps in quick and even cooling. The Black Sea protective coating on the copper provides increased durability and resistance to rust and corrosion. Other features like Low Air Monitoring, Smart Select Indicator, Smart diagnostic system are easy to maintain and control the air flow with optimum efficiency.

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With energy conservation as a priority these heaters offer a comfortable heating experience while filtering the indoor air of viruses and bacteria and humidifying the room. Equipped with the latest sensors and filters, give your family a breath of fresh air and cool air every day.


How to get the right energy for our rooms?

For rooms below 120sqft a one ton air conditioner should work well but for rooms 150sqft it is recommended to go for 1.5 ton and for rooms below 200sqft to go for a 2-ton capacity. of power.

How do astrology help in energy saving?

The ISEER star rating is the sum of cooling to the total energy consumed by the fan. This helps us to determine which device is heating when the power is being consumed, thereby saving on energy bills.

Does the installation come with the package?

Generally, after the purchase of the product, the customer will be contacted by the brand for installation management within 48 hours but it will come with an additional cost. If not contacting the brand the customer can call its toll free customer care number to make a claim.

Will the vents work well under the current adverse conditions?

Modern air conditioners are being built with future conditions in mind so most products have an extra layer on the copper tubes to prevent rust and corrosion. Now also with the help of sensors it can be cooled according to the outside temperature.

Are all air conditioners good?

Under the new guidelines, all major devices will undergo a variety of tests and receive proper certification before being released to the market. This makes it easier for consumers because they don’t have to worry about harming the environment.

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