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Courtney Ford discussed her appearance on The Big Bang Theory in an interview with Movie TV Tech Geeks. During that conversation, Ford talked about what it was like filming live in front of a studio audience when asked about that aspect of The Big Bang Theory and how it might have differed from his experience on the WB drama Supernatural. “

“Performing in front of a studio audience can be very intimidating,” Ford said, before praising both his scene partner Johnny Galecki and showrunner Chuck Lorre. “I was surprised at how nervous I was on tape night because I’d done theater and loved every minute of it, but I think there’s something about the hunger of a candy audience when knowing they’ve come to laugh can feel a little overwhelming.”

In an interview with CNN about The Big Bang Theory ending, Lorre shared his perspective on why he prefers to film live in front of a studio audience. He revealed that he particularly appreciates the presence of the audience for immediate feedback on the jokes, which gives him the opportunity to rewrite the material on the fly if it doesn’t land during filming. “Their silence is the sound of failure,” Lorre said.

Given that failure is not only possible but part of the process when operating under these conditions, Ford’s nervousness about filming The Big Bang Theory is completely understandable.


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