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Danby separates air conditioners for LTC homes | Rare Techy


About 15 percent of long-term care homes in Ontario are struggling to get air conditioning units in all living rooms.

For the next two weeks, Danby Appliances will be removing inventory to address the shortage of air conditioning units in long-term care homes.

The decision comes after reports that around 90 LTC homes across the state are struggling to get air conditioning in all the living rooms. Although all 626 apartments have central heating, regulations passed last year require air conditioning in all living rooms.

Homes that have not yet met this requirement cite supply chain issues, design issues, COVID-19 outbreaks and visitor restrictions as the reason behind it.

“As an Ontario-based company we wanted to make sure we did what we could to help,” Danby CEO Jim Estill said in a statement.

Estill said that when it comes to window air conditioners and portable units, most design issues can be solved by choosing the right unit for the room.

LTC households can purchase units from Danby at a “good price.”


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