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Daram ENG Co., Ltd., a Korean company specializing in air conditioning technology, The world’s first photocatalytic heat exchanger with HEPA photocatalytic filter is now on the market. | Rare Techy


Daram ENG Co., Ltd. was successful. to develop the world’s first photoelectric heat exchanger with a photocatalytic HEPA filter It can be effectively used to prevent global warming and establish a COVID-19 isolation air conditioning system An official said, “In the when attached to a light source module. , can be used immediately in schools, hospitals, etc.

SEOUL, South Korea, November 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Daramim ENG Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Bae-young), a Korean company specializing in HVAC, announced on 14th it sells photocatalytic heat exchangers and photocatalytic HEPA filters developed for the first time in the world.

Since global warming caused by air pollution has become a major social problem, Daram ENG, working to develop related technologies for four years, has achieved in the development of a key photocatalytic heat exchanger technology that is effective in purifying the air, including bacteria and viruses and nitrogen oxides. In addition, the jointly developed HEPA photocatalytic filter has the advantage of effectively removing germs and viruses that come into contact with air conditioners such as air conditioners and air cleaners, so it can be used in establishing a COVID-19 isolation ventilation system. .

“Daram ENG increases its credibility by holding three patents related to photocatalytic heat exchangers, photo certificates, and test reports from the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KTL),” the statement said. of the lord Daram ENG. “It is recognized for its excellence by recording 2.8 mice or more than four times the performance verification standard.”

The photocatalytic heat exchanger is similar to the heat exchanger in the air conditioning equipment used in air conditioning equipment such as air conditioning, heating, and cooling, and can be applied directly to areas different people who want to remove pollution such as schools, the public. health centers, and health centers, added an official.

Currently, Daram ENG, founded in 2010, is a Korean company that specializes in HVAC equipment development, equipment development and manufacturing of Clean Room equipment, transmission and installation, direct processing of CNC, sheet metal and processing (five-axis MCT processing, etc.).


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