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Indiana Jones 5’s aging Harrison Ford is a huge risk for the sequel due to technology and other issues. But the CGI trick can be amazing.

Indiana Jones 5 Draining Harrison Ford is a big risk for a sequel, but if it works, it could be a great move from director James Mangold. Although audiences will see an older Indiana Jones for most of the film, this has now been confirmed Indiana Jones 5 begins with a flashback sequence featuring an aged Harrison Ford. The action scene takes place in 1944, when Ford has been aged through CGI to allow him to play Indiana Jones a few years later. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade takes place.


Hollywood has become more comfortable with aging actors over the years, but the results have been mixed. Indiana Jones 5 is now trying to prove how well it can be done. It should help that Lucasfilm has a better track record than most (see young Luke Skywalker The Boba Fett Book). Viewers are likely excited to see a young Indiana Jones adventure again, but that doesn’t mean the flashback isn’t risk-free. If Indiana Jones 5 doesn’t do a convincing job with CGI to reduce Harrison Ford’s aging to several decades younger, the film starts off on a bad note.

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Why Could Harrison Ford’s Exhaustion Backfire in Indiana Jones 5?

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones looking down in costume

The technological side Indiana Jones 5Harrison Ford may be exhausted, but the movie has to do a great job of not drawing criticism. Audiences are fully aware of what Harrison Ford looked like a few decades ago, so there’s little room for error when making Indiana Jones younger. Even if facial aging works, making Indiana Jones move like a younger man is still difficult. Irish and Captain Marvel there were issues with the aging faces of the actors, but the characters still moved like their parents. I copy how Lucasfilm made young Luke The Mandalorian could help tremendously.

Harrison Ford’s aging also comes with a slightly rarer challenge Indiana Jones 5as the sequence takes viewers back Indiana Jones timeline to the best Indiana Jones era. This means that the opening scene must match the quality of the original trilogy, which contains one of the greatest action films of all time. Indiana Jones 5 Harrison Ford being weakened to such an extent makes the comparisons more natural, which happened regardless. But now the movie literally has to show the audience that the 1944 scene is at least as good as Steven Spielberg’s movies.

If it breaks, a deaging Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones 5 could be brilliant

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones standing in front of a fire in Raiders of the Lost Ark

As risky as Harrison Ford falling behind Indiana Jones 5 the film is even more impressive if it succeeds. That would mean James Mangold kicking off the sequel with a sequence that immediately evokes the classic Indiana Jones movies that are sure to be fondest memories for many Indiana Jones 5 viewers. Reminiscing about those magical times with Indiana Jones fighting Nazis and other baddies is a great way to start. Indiana Jones 5 before it moves the story forward to let Harrison Ford’s older archaeologist take center stage.

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