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When you think of spaces for children, two-year-olds and teenagers, do you think of bright colors and durable furniture? Designer Leanne Ford wants to change his mind. She has brought her simple yet stylish design philosophy for kids to life in the stylish and comfortable hangout she created The year 2022 The house is beautiful Healthy Home.

Ford is a fan of neutral tones in children’s rooms (yes, even white) for one simple reason: longevity. Your child may declare that green is his favorite color one year, and then suddenly decide that he is passionate about purple. Timeless neutrals survive fast-changing opinions and fleeting social media fads. Moreover, neutrals are calming. It might not be a word you associate with traditional kids’ rooms, but you should, says Ford, who adds that the whole space in her home is about giving youngsters a place to “get away from the world and relax.”

However, Ford does not give up on practicality. It’s a mess-proof gathering place. Two easy-to-implement ideas: ultra-high-gloss paint and coatings everywhere. The glossy paint wipes off easily, whether you’re cleaning up little kids’ crayons or older kids’ soda spills. Easy-to-wash covers mean you can decorate with bright colours. (Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a white cover on top Ever Daybed from Box and children is made of stain-resistant cotton.)

Ford has another unexpected piece of advice: don’t be afraid to play with unconventional furniture arrangements. Furniture is often pushed to the perimeter of the room to create more free space in the middle. In reality, he says, pulling pieces away from the walls can make a room feel bigger. It also allows for cozy groupings that encourage conversation (or just cat-nip), which is especially appealing when the space is primarily occupied by teenagers.

The most important thing is that children should have space. Click on the video above to learn more about creating a room with a stylish soul, a room that every child will love to call their own.


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