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Marvel made a major announcement regarding the character of Thunderbolt Ross in the upcoming film Thunder. Harrison Ford has been confirmed to play Thunderbolt Ross in the movie and fans seem very excited about this new development.

Harrison Ford will play General Ross/Red Hulk in the MCU
Harrison Ford will play General Ross/Red Hulk in the MCU

William Hurt, known for his roles in movies A history of violence, village, and AI – Artificial Voice, died in the spring of this year. After that, Marvel Studios was expected to remove Thunderbolt Ross from the franchise. However, according to recent sources, it is Blade Runer actor replaces the late William Hurt as Thaddeus Ross in the MCU.

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Harrison Ford’s Red Hulk will be part of Thunderbolts

Harrison Ford is making the transition from one major Disney franchise to another. According to various publications (although not confirmed by Marvel) Harrison Ford, known for his roles as Han Solo and indiana jones, joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe to portray Thaddeus Ross, replacing the late William Hurt. This is significant news and suggests that Marvel has big ideas for the character in the future, including some bigger ideas.

Red Hulk
Red Hulk

Thunderbolt Ross was last seen black widow, the role played by William Hurt in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hurt, on the other hand, died before he could establish his own Thunder squad. Ross is rumored to be the Red Hulk of the MCU and a Thunder the film was in the works.

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Thunder is the name of a team of anti-heroes in Marvel comics. The film is in development for a 2024 release, and while some of its cast was revealed a few weeks ago, Ross, aka Red Hulk, was curiously absent. The AIM criminal organization tests the General to gain skills comparable to the Hulk so he can fight him.

Harrison Ford will play Red Hulk in the MCU until Avengers: Secret Wars

According to Twitter user @GraceRandolph, who is known for reporting Hollywood leaks and reports, 80-year-old Harrison Ford, despite his advanced age, will play the Red Hulk until he’s older. Avengers: Secret Wars. That means, if we don’t count the potential spin-off, Ford is about to star in four MCU movies.

of thunder
The current expected line-up of the Thunderbolts.

There is also a possible Hulk army in the MCU. A strange idea, but on the other hand: the comics have seen different Hulks over the years, and the She-Hulk series paved the way for that path in the MCU as well. In addition to Sam “Leader” Sterns, who is best known for his work The Incredible Hulkit was just announced that it was coming Captain America movie, Captain America: The New World Order which could indicate that new winds are blowing on the Hulk’s front soon.

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Looks like Harrison Ford has some big shoes to fill, especially when it comes to proving people wrong and winning their hearts.

Thunder will debut on July 6, 2024.

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