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Are Premier Doug Ford and his environment minister the only Ontario citizens who don’t believe in climate change? Are they aware of our need to protect our rapidly deteriorating planet? Do they really believe that more highways going through the province will make Ontario a better place to live? Don’t they believe that new communities need to be protected from floods or droughts?

What does Ontario’s Open for Business slogan mean to you? To me, this means: come to Ontario and bring your money, because that’s what we want! In contrast, our former provincial motto, “Yours to Discover,” invited visitors to discover the riches Ontario has to offer—hundreds of lakes and rivers, forests, provincial parks and, above all, the four shores of North America. five Great Lakes.

This Conservative government has attacked Ontario’s nature, cut funding to the Ministry of Natural Resources, resisted all efforts to reduce carbon emissions, and sued our federal government using our own Ontario tax dollars!

In Bill 23, they have removed a number of safeguards against unplanned growth, including reducing the powers of conservation agencies and revoking the rights of municipalities to set limits on growth. This is simply wrong.

We expect our government to uphold our rights and protect the environment. Bill 23 does the exact opposite.

Margaret Lewis-MacdonaldWaterloo


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