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I hope you’re ready for a real scare this Halloween, because Ontario Premier Doug Ford came out swinging to kick off the holiday season with what might be the scariest thing you’ll see all day.

This isn’t his latest plan to call off the teachers’ strike or any of his other political moves, but his absolutely terrifying 2022 jack-o-lantern performance. Ford posted a video on social media Monday morning that gave the public a small taste of his Halloween spirit.

And oh boy, he did not disappoint.

“I remember even when I was growing up we would get together and have pumpkin carving contests,” says Ford, very much rocking his trademark Muskoka hoodie.

“So we’re going to start with a little design here. We have to make it scary,” warned Ford.

Unlike many of the Prime Minister’s political promises, he actually delivered, offering a candidate for the scariest pumpkin of the season.

The Prime Minister guts the pumpkin himself like a man of the people, saying that his “favorite thing to do all the time is to get hit with that squishy thing.”

In typical Dougie fashion, the Prime Minister also finds a way to add a recipe to the pumpkin carving tutorial, telling the audience to scoop out the seeds, add oil and salt, and bake until golden brown.

Ford recalls childhood holiday costumes, such as a Batman outfit made from household items, and his favorite Halloween movies, including Friday the 13th.

However, things start to go off the rails when the Prime Minister explains that he has reached the part of the pumpkin carving ritual where “we have to put the eyeballs in”.

Wait what?

Offering “full disclosure” that he is not a “pumpkin carver”, the Prime Minister revealed his creative monstrosity to the world.

Despite the playful tone of the video, the response has been overwhelmingly negative, with commentators openly criticizing the Prime Minister’s policies and tarnishing his public image.

Others seem to think that the Prime Minister puts more effort into the pumpkin carving than his actual job.

But whatever you think of Ford’s debut, you have to hand it to this guy for carving a very irritating pumpkin.


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