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Over the six-year period 2022-23 to 2027-28, Ontario is expected to face a shortfall of $40.0 billion

QUEEN’S PARK – While families struggle to keep up with inflation and afford everyday essentials, Doug Ford is determined to change our health and education sectors, leaving Ontarians without the help they desperately need.

In its Fall 2022 Economic and Budget Outlook, the Financial Reporting Office of Ontario (FAO) notes that “the government’s spending plan includes funding shortfalls in every program,” despite “budget surpluses growing from $0.1 billion in 2022-23 to $8.5 billion in 2027 – 28.”

“There were clear signs that the government was going to resubmit its April outdated budget, that it was going to run a surplus,” said MPP Bowman, Ontario’s Liberal finance critic. “They should then have planned to raise the wages of our health and education workers, increase the number of first aid workers and make much-needed investment to strengthen our public services.”

“They also had the opportunity to make the budget recession-proof by investing in post-secondary education to upskill workers and help them secure jobs in high-growth sectors like the green economy, high tech and digital services,” added MPP Bowman. “Instead, they put the money in a contingency fund.”

Over the next six years, Ontario will experience shortfalls of $23.4 billion in health care, $6.0 billion in education, $4.3 billion in child and social services and $2.7 billion in post-secondary education.

“Families are hurting and need this government’s support now more than ever,” said Ontario Liberal Party interim leader MPP Fraser. “Doug Ford has taken his sights on what matters most – Ontarians and their bottom line. He needs to stop switching families and invest in our public services.



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