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Globally distributed, premium home appliance manufacturer, Dreo, today announced the release of their smart air cleaner designed for integration into smart home systems.

The Dreo Macro Max S is designed to improve air quality, adjust purification levels, and operate hands-free.

In addition, the Dreo Macro Max S is powered by Dreo’s TurboPure technology that allows airflow to quickly distribute air in a 3-stage professional class front + H13 True HEPA + carbon filter for clean air in writing time.

The Dreo Macro Max S is available on Amazon and the Dreo website retailing for $219.99.

“Dreo Macro Max S is a new and improved product based on user feedback and customer research by our R&D team, dedicated to bringing new technology and great experiences to customers .” said Herman, Vice President of Dreo.

“We will continue to offer innovative solutions to meet the arrival of the AIoT era for smart home life,” he added.

Advanced filtering

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All the effort will be useless without a proper air filter.

Therefore, Dreo has included in the Dreo Macro Max S a 3-stage front + H13 True HEPA + carbon filter that can capture 99.985% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, and can removes up to 99.99% of airborne bacteria, including H1N1 and Staph viruses.

The Dreo Macro Max S also has an “Auto Mode.” It automatically adjusts to the optimal speed, which can extend its life and save energy for a long time, at a low cost.

Hands-free control

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The Dreo Macro Max S is the smartest windbreaker you’ll ever meet.

In addition, the Dreo Macro Max S has an app that shows the air quality of the user’s room in real time and adjusts the purification levels.

The Macro Max S can quickly recognize air quality and react in real time through its intelligent monitoring system.

Integration with Google Home and Alexa means users can ask the Dreo Macro Max S to start or stop whenever they want just by using their voice.

In addition, you can arrange the rooms remotely so that they are fresh and ready when you go to your favorite place.

The best

Dreo air cleaner in living room 3d
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The Dreo Macro Max S uses Dreo’s TurboPure technology, an affordable and quiet DC brushless motor capable of cleaning up to 273 cubic feet per minute of air.

Therefore, users can place it anywhere they want in the room and enjoy fresh air in a short time.

The aerodynamic motor design is very powerful and can clean a 423 square foot room 4.8 times in less than an hour and clean an entire 2030 square foot house in just an hour.

Key features:

  • 3-stage front+H13 Direct HEPA+ carbon filter
  • Air quality monitoring
  • 273 cubic feet per minute of airflow
  • Dreo’s TurboPure X brushless DC motor
  • Enables Google Home & Alexa

For more information on the Dreo Macro Max S, visit the Dreo website, Amazon, and their Facebook page.

Dreo Mac S on a purple background
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About DREO

Dreo is a new home appliance brand that aims to create a balance between technology and lifestyle. And the unique idea that puts the wind at its core.

However, Dreo is also making a difference in the home appliance segment with products such as tower fans, air cleaners, space heaters, and fans. Our ultimate ambition is to make every home life a perfect atmosphere.

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