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Jamaican defense captain Dwayne Ford dethroned Guyana’s Lennox Brathwaite to win the Wogarth Cup as Jamaica won the team match by the slimmest of margins as the West Indies Bowling Council Championship came to a thrilling climax at Twickenham Park on Saturday.

Jamaica’s eight-man team was forced to dig deep to stop the struggling Guyana, which made the victory a satisfying one for Jamaica Rifle Association Vice President Karen Anderson, who was also part of the winning team.

“Jamaica are positively thrilled to have won the West Indies Cup team match on home soil and beaten Guyana in the process,” he said.

“It’s been a long push over the years to beat them and especially at home after a really tough tournament. We showed great consistency. After a long game there might have been doubts. The day before in the international match where we came last but it gives the team a lot of confidence the way we managed to finish the tournament and win that particular cup.”

Separately, he also praised the team leader, Captain Ford.

“It’s even more encouraging when you see Dwayne Ford win the Wogarth Cup, which is a huge achievement to beat Lennox Brathwaite, who is a seven-time Wogarth winner. We’re on a high and we’re looking to build on that for next year’s competition.”

Recently crowned O-Class champion, Captain Ford led his team by example. She and teammate Nicola Guy shot an impressive 300 yards, each posting perfect scores of 50.4 to give Jamaica an early five-point lead. The home team scored 373.23 360.16 with nearest rivals Antigua and Barbuda Guyana.

Jamaica extended their lead after 500 yards with a score of 379.20, but Guyana eventually closed the gap to win with a score of 383.23.

Braithwaite answered the call with a score of 50.3 in the 500 yards, which would prove crucial in the final shootout as he and Ford battle it out for the Wogarth Cup, which goes to the top-scoring shooter in the West Indies Cup.

At 600 yards, Jamaica lost by 10 points early and found themselves in a big tussle with Guyana. The shooters were able to steel themselves though and recovered to score 1114.58 to hold off Guyana who shot 1113.63.

In the end, Ford beat seven-time champion Brathwaite by 0.1 to win the Wogarth Cup.


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