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Electronova, Samsung open new store in Place Vendome | Rare Techy


Electronova and Samsung Gulf Electronics have announced the opening of a new store in Place Vendome.
The fourth Samsung brand store in the country offers a premium customer service environment and a connected home experience – featuring the latest in electronics, computers, appliances, gas and appliances.
Incorporating a variety of media and technology driven by Samsung’s latest products and features, the space will focus on providing enhanced product experiences in the context of living, including a concept A new luxury home that allows for the connected home experience, says one comment.

The ribbon cutting ceremony of the new store opened by Electronova and Samsung Gulf Electronics at Place Vendome (Photo provided).

Speaking about the project, Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad al-Thani, chairman of Electronova said: “We have worked hard to open this shopping center, which also shows our confidence in the economic strength of Qatar and the future. Even after the greatest football season, the economic activity in Qatar will continue to accelerate with the background of projects in the energy sector. Based on this positive outlook, there is We are now working hard not only with Samsung but also with other related companies.
Seong Hyun Lee, president of Samsung Gulf Electronics, said: “Samsung is always at the forefront of innovation through products that help make life smarter, more convenient and more connected. ahead. We are planning to launch many mobile devices, televisions and accessories to be available in Qatar in the coming months. The opening of a new retail location in collaboration with Electronova is part of of our commitment to Qatar and the Qatari community.
Whether customers are looking to buy a new flagship phone and need advice on the products and services that best suit their needs, multilingual Samsung experts will be at the store to help them decision making. Backed by after-sales service and logistic support for delivery and installation, customers can enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience and get the most value from their purchases, the statement said.


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