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As the fall semester draws to a close, finals season is here. Here is a list of resources offered by the university to prepare you for final exams.

The Graduate Student Success Center offers a tutoring service Launch For courses like Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Economics etc. Tutoring services are available weekly and are available to all students.

In addition to studying for final exams, the skills needed to write a well-crafted research paper are essential for many courses. As a result, the UH Writing Center One-on-one consultations with trained staff and students can be an excellent resource. This resource can be a tool for peer review and editing advice.

While the resources above can be a great start to your success, it is essential to utilize effective study habits.

The first thing to do is to plan your study sessions for all your final exams. This way, you’ll get a better handle on how much work you’re facing, which can make studying less intimidating and overwhelming. Use a calendar to set alerts and reminders to help you stick to your plan. Also, make sure you start planning your study schedule early.

“I start studying a week or two early,” said biology junior Vivienne Pham.

Organize your study according to importance and concepts that need more practice. Subjects of course exam You should review the ones you struggle with the most first.

Try to form study groups and talk with your classmates. Make plans with them to review class material, compare notes, or work through strategic ideas. You can learn more effectively and critically by discussing information with a study partner.

Try to be creative in your studies. Take notes while reading a textbook, rewrite important information, create flash cards, and solve as many problems as possible using mnemonic devices.

And, while it’s tempting to pull an all-nighter and cram everything in at the last minute, it’s a bad idea. This can cause additional stress and affect the way you retain information long-term.

Studies show that it is for you the brain To function properly, one must eat healthy food, drink water and rest. Also, since our brain needs glucose to function, eating something that increases your glucose levels will give you another energy boost.

Finally, the environment you choose to study in can have a huge impact. The UH campus has many study spaces such as the library, student center, and outdoor greenery. Surround yourself with motivated classmates to create a positive learning environment where everyone can succeed.

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