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The Department of Civil Service offers professional placement exams for bachelor’s degree holders. Candidates who apply for the exam known as PCO exam can get jobs in the state government.

Applications are also open to college students graduating by June.

Last time the exam was offered, Rashan King applied and took the necessary steps. This led to a career as a Human Resources Specialist in the Municipal Division.

King has been in his current position in Albany for nearly four years now. He says he enjoys what he does.

“My responsibility is to assist local civil service agencies in all aspects of their day-to-day operations, such as hiring, setting tests, creating positions and layoffs,” King said. “We’re here to make sure everyone is complying with civil service law and to provide any assistance we can.”

For the first time in history, the exam is being presented online. There are job opportunities all over the state. Interested can apply from anywhere. If you don’t have access to a computer or the Internet, other options are available.

“If they don’t have the technology, they can visit one of our SUNY Educational Opportunity Centers,” said Civil Service Commission President and Department of Civil Service Commissioner Timothy Hoggs. “They can visit one of the DOL career centers and sign up and take it there.”

The last date to apply for the exam is November 30 and you should complete the exam by December 15. The exam costs $35, but the fee may be waived in certain circumstances for those without funds.

For more information and to apply for the exam, visit www.cs.ny.gov/pco/.


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