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Respecting human rights is harder than it sounds. Avoiding the worst things like committing genocide or scapegoating minority groups is pretty easy to avoid unless you’re an evil narcissist bent on world domination, but there are tons of smaller things that can go wrong much more easily. Even petty criminals and people who didn’t mean to do anything wrong can get caught up in it. Some of these may even happen without the company’s knowledge, when suppliers or middlemen do evil things and hide it from the main company. Monitoring the entire supply chain, the factory floor and many other things is essential to ensure maximum respect for human rights in the company.

Although company management can monitor all of this, a conflict of interest arises. When a company experiences something unpleasant in its supply chain, it’s much easier to sweep it under the rug than to fix it, and even if a company does the right thing and fixes it, it’s easier to pretend it never happened. or half times.

That’s why some companies go the extra step of having a third party audit their human rights data. This not only removes the conflict of interest, but shows the public that they are committed to getting it right, instead of hiding it.

The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB) provides an annual comparative overview of the world’s largest companies, examining the policies, processes and practices they have in place to institutionalize their approach to human rights and how they respond to serious allegations. It is a public good for all stakeholders. CHRB’s goal is to prevent problems that could harm workers, communities or consumers. They are one of the many companies that are facing this tough challenge and intend to use market competition to improve.

By making companies compete to do the right thing, more companies actually do the right thing.

For the second year in a row, Ford has been selected as the best car brand in the World Benchmarking Alliance’s 2022 Corporate Human Rights Benchmark. Additionally, Ford is ranked in the top 10 of 127 companies rated as part of this benchmark.

Ford topped the list of 29 automotive manufacturers. This top position was determined through an updated methodology that included an analysis of current human rights policies, processes and practices, as well as sample responses and protocols for handling potential allegations.

“Leading the electric vehicle revolution is exciting, but with it comes an even greater responsibility to ensure unwavering social and environmental sustainability across our operations and global supply chains,” said Cynthia Williams, Global Director of Sustainability, Homologation and Compliance, Ford Motor Company. “When it comes to human rights, our work is never done, but we are proud to lead the charge and work closely with respected organizations that hold us all accountable.”

You can learn more about the benchmark here, and you can learn more about Ford’s human rights activities here in its annual report.




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