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The 2022 SEMA Auto Show recently took place and we had a lot to see. Many of the world’s major car manufacturers participated in the exhibition held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Toyota was there in full force with both its ’10-second twins’ Supra pairing and the GR Corolla Rally Concept. Nissan also entered the show with its optional NISMO Nissan Z and 400+ hp Frontier pickup truck.

There was a lot to see during SEMA and another manufacturer heading to the show as Ford. Ford showcased its creativity at the event in the best possible way, with at least 10 custom versions throughout the show for attendees, and one of the highlights of Ford’s line-up was the rather incredible Mustang Mach-E widebody SEMA concept. The company says it’s “true Mustang personality” and certainly looked the part on display at the event. The Mustang Mach-E is, of course, a crossover EV with the Mustang name, and thanks to Dom Tucci Design, it’s now taking it to the next level.

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Taking the twin-engine Mach-E to new heights

Tucci Hot Rods Mustang Mach E SEMA 2022 Front Close Up
through Ford

The updated Mustang Mach-E comes courtesy of Dom Tucci Design, famous for Tucci Hot Rods and Kay Automotive Graphics. According to Ford, this particular Mustang Mach-E started out as the regular twin-engine 2022 Mustang Mach-E GT in Shadow Black GT form with an extended-range battery. As such, it has plenty of electric torque and is, of course, all-wheel drive. Tucci Hot Rods then proceeded to greatly expand the vehicle from its standard form, adding many new body features.

Initially, the Mach-E featured a muscular and custom liftgate spoiler, while the fender arches followed the spoiler. They come with 3D printed fenders made by Tucci that make good use of some of the latest forms of technology in the automotive industry. Along with these are Mach-El vacuum-molded transparent wheel covers and Ford has a 3D-printed front lip, all of which are clearly visible in the images of the Mustang. Completing this upgrade kit is a Kay Automotive custom graphics wrap that Ford says brings significant style to the Mach-E.

The next generation of modified Mustangs

Tucci Hot Rods Mustang Mach E SEMA 2022 rear close-up
through Ford

There are many other exciting things about construction. Tucci’s vehicle has many accessories. We also have Ford accessories sill plates, door emblems and a GT badged tailgate. The Mach-E’s interior features a Ford accessory 14-degree dash with dual Recaro seats, as well as a racing harness with a custom harness bar and custom painted trim. The racing harness complements the Mach-E’s sporty credentials, which are noticeable through the Recaro seats and the much wider nature of its new body. All of these add up to a massively aggressive looking Mustang Mach-E.

This new Mustang Mach-E is more than just introducing some wild modifications. Ford has said that this is the blueprint for the next generation of modified Mustang aesthetics. The way cars will be modified in the future will change drastically as electric cars and hybrids slowly become the norm. While the current Ford Mustang is still an internal-combustion affair, that will undoubtedly change with the next generation of the iconic muscle car, and it will emphasize exterior upgrades over interior changes.

Thoughtful and precise upgrades for the performance-oriented Mach-E

Tucci Hot Rods Mustang Mach E SEMA 2022 Head On View
through Ford

According to Ford, the Mach-E’s upgrades at SEMA 2022 were both thoughtful and precise. The Blue Oval says they have the potential to support both the Mach-E’s aesthetics and performance. This could indicate a pure cosmetic update, like we have here with the Mach-E, or perhaps one that combines both new styling for the Mach-E and a special racing or track version of the electric crossover. That would definitely bring it more in line with the essence of the Mustang name that the Crossover currently carries.

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Ford arrived at SEMA 2022 with an armada of custom trucks

A rendering of Lightning Truck Hero for the quarter
through Ford

The Mustang Mach-E from Dom Tucci Design/Tucci Hot Rods was one of ten epic creations that Ford unveiled at this year’s SEMA show. The Bronco Sport: Off-Roading Heritage Edition was also on display, as was the Ford Maverick Street Truck concept and the F-150 Lightning Race Support truck, to name just a few of the varieties on display. However, the Mach-E was one of the big highlights of the Ford showroom, demonstrating what the crossover is truly capable of in an EV body and how it can be taken to a whole new level. It certainly looks more worthy of the Mustang name with Tucci’s redesign.

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