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Did you notice a lot of cameras and people on the grounds of the Old Courthouse in Santa Rosa Wednesday morning? That’s because Hollywood has come to Sonoma County, if only for a few days.

Ford Motor Co. is using several familiar local locations to film a national advertising campaign for the upcoming holiday season.

Crews spent Wednesday filming in Santa Rosa’s downtown plaza and the nearby tree-lined McDonald’s Historic District neighborhood, said a production crew member who asked not to be named due to a nondisclosure agreement.

The commercials show three Ford vehicles, the F-150, the Explorer and the Bronco Sport. The ads feature vignettes of families driving Ford vehicles participating in holiday events, such as buying Christmas trees at Frosty Mountain Tree Farm in Sebastopol and donating food to the FISH Food Pantry in Santa Rosa.

According to a team member, Santa Rosa was chosen for the ad because it has an “All-American” feel.

“It’s a significant city, but it also has the charm you might find in a small town,” said a team member. “For these national ads, it’s a creative decision to choose a location like Santa Rosa and Sonoma County that has broad appeal.”

Filming for the ad, which features several local union crew members, began Tuesday at Hansel Auto Group on Corby Avenue in Santa Rosa and will continue through the weekend with plans to film at The Barlow’s Community Market and rural locations in Sebastopol. western county roads including the Bohemian Highway.

The campaign budget includes compensation for the owners of the locations shown in the ads.

“Local businesses benefit from filming a commercial in the area,” said a crew member.

Ads will likely be released within a few weeks.


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