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The Street machine team headed to the Ford Powered Nationals at Heathcote Park Raceway on Saturday. Our main job that day was to put massacres Mazda MX-5 through its paces. Scotty and the guys at Maxx Performance had just finished installing a huge new turbo on the Mazda Barra powerplant and replacing the old Ford ECU with a brand new Haltch Elite 2500.

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We will show how it went in the future massacres episode. The event itself was awesome with over 100 cars and great racing. The weather was terrible all day until a downpour in the evening ended the game.

“Unfortunately, we had a good downpour in the middle of the 3rd elimination round around 7pm and were unable to finish the rest of the race or crown a winner in any class,” says event promoter Todd Foley.

“So we’ve collectively decided to split all the prize money ($4,000) between the 23 remaining entries. It’s not like we wanted to finish the event, but I’m thankful we were able to finish 85 percent of the race and put on a good show for everyone.”

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We raced, watched and enjoyed gourmet grilling and souvlaki action from the MPW and Big H Racing teams respectively. Here are just a few of our favorite cars of the day.

Mark Jachman brought this exciting Mk I Ford Cortina from Riverland, South Australia. The little beast has a Ford 250 crossflow six equipped with Autronic EFI and enough nitrous to make 650 hp on the engine dyno!

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Mark ran 137 mph for a best time of 10.03 seconds. Unfortunately, the engine is showing some signs of fatigue, so Mark plans to build another one and then return to the track to break that nine-second mark.

“We might put Barra in one day,” says Mark. “I want to break eight seconds eventually, and even though I love those old 250s, the blocks are a bit of a limiting factor.”

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Zoran Makarovski of Competition Engines has been campaigning his twin-turbo SBF Fairlane for years. and broke the seven-second zone for the first time in Friday’s testing, driving the 4,000-pound beast to 173 mph in 7.97 seconds. Zoran backed it up with another 7.9 in the race.

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The Quilty family brought this crazy Holden Rodeo from South Australia, and although they didn’t compete in the Ford Nationals, they did test their creation on both Friday and Sunday.

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Although it looks wild, the swap is actually very neat and has the engine set right back in the firewall to match everything.

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The Sean Anthony Drag Challenge-proven 13CABS was the fastest car on the property, clocking 7.76 seconds at 182 mph. Feature coming soon!

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Danko Knezevic of Adiktd Performance fame built this Capri as a young man before selling it to focus on family and business. He recently had the opportunity to buy it back and rebuild it with his sons Zack, Dylan and Levi in ​​one month.

The family got the car ready in time for the Ford Nationals and Zack jumped behind the wheel to take his first crack at drag racing outside of Junior Dragster. After a test shot, Zack sent the Capri through a 9.9 at 114 mph!

“Zack has been working on this car every night after work until 11:30 at night and his hard work and dedication has really paid off, so I’m very proud of him,” says Danko.

“His brothers were very involved as well. For a kid who’s never burned out, let alone jumped into a race car, he did great, watching his brothers strap him into the car was such a proud moment for me.”

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Non-Fords are allowed to run FN in the Outlaw class, which included Christoper Oscuro’s stunning RB30-powered VL. Christopher set a new PB of 8.36 seconds at 163 mph. The VL was the fastest car in its class and drove around until the rain stopped the game.

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The Outlaw class also included Jeremy Cheaib with his crashed Toyota Supra named JETLNR. Jeremy ran five PB passes with a best of 8.18 seconds at 169mph.

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Congratulations to Todd and his team on a great event! If all goes well, we’ll be back at HPR next weekend for more info massacres testing next weekend.


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