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The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning marks a major change in the Ford brand. EVs face new challenges as battery cell technology naturally holds less charge during the cold winter months. Changing one of the brand’s best-selling models to an electric drive was a surprise for many. But it has been well-received by the car-buying audience and critics alike. The long-term pain is the usability of the car above all.

According to Ford, the F-150 Lightning endured several months of real-world winter driving in Alaska and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Ford subjected the car to temperatures of 140°F to minus 40°F in Ford’s atmospheric test chambers. The manufacturer continues to state that “temperatures below 40°F will cause the electrolyte to become fluid slowly, limiting the power available for discharge.” It also slows down the car’s charging speed.

For those who missed physics class, in colder conditions there is a greater resistance inside the battery against which electrons move from the negative to the positive end of the battery. Ford is using this as an opportunity to reassure its customers as they head into their first winter with their EVs that this is normal. However, there are eight ways to reduce it and avoid the dreaded range anxiety.

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How Ford suggests improving the F-150 Lightning’s winter range

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According to Ford, the first way to improve charging is to keep your vehicle garaged as much as possible. Left inside your car battery should sit at a slightly higher temperature and therefore retain more of the energy stored in the battery chemicals.

The second seems a little obvious. Ford recommends leaving the F-150 light on when possible. That said, if you can charge your car both at work and at home, do it. Replenishment of stored energy whenever possible should reduce your range anxiety. However, the long-term consequences of charging the battery so frequently are currently unknown. The driver should have faith in the longevity of the Ford battery.

When it comes to creature comforts, there are a few things you can do differently when driving the F-150 Lightning to improve your range. If you have heated seats, using them instead of heating will reduce the range less. What’s more, if you charge and sit in your vehicle, turn the heater off or lower it, it should help you get a longer range.

With an interesting offer that is only valid for Ford customers. The auto giant advises, “If you’re planning a longer commute, pre-condition your vehicle for exit time to warm up the battery while connected using the FordPass app or the trucks’ center display.” In other words, heating the batteries should get the most out of them. Just like bringing an internal combustion engine up to temperature.

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Ford recommends ways to maintain your F-150 to increase the truck’s range

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Checking the correct tire pressure improves fuel economy. According to Tyresafe, a UK-based charity, tires can affect fuel economy by 3% at 6 PSI below the recommended level. That might not seem like much, but with Ford’s other recommendations, the range should increase significantly.

Moving on to turning off the heat, Ford makes a few more recommendations to improve economy. Be it an EV or an internal combustion car. Driving at high speeds reduces the range more than usual, the best results are achieved by driving slightly below the speed limit and avoiding rapid acceleration or deceleration.

Finally, Ford advises drivers to remove snow from their vehicle before heading out to “eliminate additional weight and drag.” A more aerodynamic car achieves a better economy figure. Maybe this suggestion won’t make much headway in California. But for those rural communities that rely on the F-150, it should greatly improve their experience.

The Ford F-150 Lightning faces new challenges

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Anyone who doesn’t live under a rock has seen the industry-wide change that has taken place in the automotive industry. Over the past few years, the industry has seemed reluctant to embrace the sustainable technologies demanded by legislation and activists.

However, the coming months will see the launch of a slew of new EVs and exciting new EV-only models from the likes of Audi, BMW and Chevrolet, as well as a host of new brands from both Asia and the United States. With this change in power supply comes a whole host of new problems.

Anxiety, infrastructure issues and load times should be considered issues by many. But as the winter months approach, more problems arise. If you use devices such as laptops and mobile phones in cold weather, you will definitely notice a rapid decrease in the charge of these devices. It is exactly the same with car batteries.

With Ford’s new flagship pickup, the F150 Lightning, the Detroit-based automaker offers eight ways to charge the truck in winter.

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