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As the city of Hamilton continues to investigate a 26-year sewage spill, the Ford government is now demanding that the city conduct an audit of its entire sewage system.

The city said it discovered the leak Tuesday into a stormwater pipe headed for Hamilton Harbor, adding that the connection was accidentally created in 1996.

The city says the sewer leak at Burlington and Wentworth Street has been fixed, but more needs to be done after the 26-year leak was discovered, according to the Ontario Ministry of Environment and the Ford government.

“Questions need to be answered for the citizens of Hamilton about serious problems with our water infrastructure and environmental safety standards that should not take two decades to resolve,” Flamborough-Glanbrook MPP Donna Skelly said.

In an interview with CHCH News, Environment Minister David Piccini said the work needs to be done: “Immediately after learning of the latest spill and speaking to the mayor of Hamilton, I have directed my ministry to require Hamilton to audit its entire sewage system and come up with a remedial plan so we can stop this mess.

On Wednesday, Hamilton Water manager Nick Winters said contractors were misinformed at the time of the incident, believing both drains were storm water only.

According to Winters, the sewer system is 2,100 kilometers long. Mayor Andrea Horwath says it won’t be an easy task for the city alone. “I look forward to talking to the minister about how we can do this quickly.”

The City of Hamilton responded today, saying, “At this time, the City has not received an order from the MECP, but in the event that the City receives an order, we will be happy to discuss it.”

Hamilton Water says it is still determining how much sewage has entered the city’s industrial port and its environmental impact.

The Ottawa Department of the Environment tells CHCH News today that they have appointed an enforcement officer to the case, but would not provide details on their involvement.

The City of Hamilton tweeted that repair and realignment work was completed last night and sewage is no longer flowing into the harbour.


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