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We thank Youth Forum writer Tan Ee-Fay for her feedback on the removal of mid-year exams (Students survey whether removing mid-year exams will reduce stress, November 28).

Throughout the school year there are many ways for students to assess their learning. For example, teachers conduct regular assignments, quizzes, and classroom interactions to assess learning progress. It provides students with timely feedback to improve learning and develop effective study strategies and habits. Over-reliance on tests to promote learning can work against students developing a more sustainable motivation to learn throughout life.

Removing mid-year exams is not meant to reduce stress, as the causes of stress are multifaceted. This aims to free up time to support the use of more varied learning activities and accelerate learning.

Since the removal of half-yearly examinations for primary and secondary schools, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has received positive feedback from teachers, students and parents that the move has allowed such gains to be made. We believe this will, over time, strengthen students’ intrinsic motivation to learn, not just for exams, but for life.

MOE will continue to partner parents and schools to support students in developing a passion for lifelong learning. We encourage the author to speak with her teachers if she has further concerns.

Sng Chern Wei

Deputy Director General of Education (Curriculum)

Ministry of Education


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