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Bilyana Coburn addressed the Grande Prairie city council last Monday (October 17), seeking support for her fundraising efforts for Ukraine.

Coburn, a teacher at St. Catherine, conducted a similar program there on Easter, where she collected money and donations and sent them to people in Novyi Yarychiv, Ukraine, west of Lviv.

Now he’s trying to make sure Ukrainians get gifts home for Christmas.

“All wages are up 80 percent (in Ukraine), so most people can’t afford it, and if we give money again, it won’t work,” Coburn said. . the dollar will not be as high as it used to be.

She said she is looking into putting together Christmas boxes for Ukraine through her school but wants to expand those efforts by reaching out to Grande Prairie residents. Coburn turned to the council for guidance.

Coburn said a drop-off point for donations could be designated at a city hall.

Accounting. Dylan Bressey said he supports the donation sites but delayed his requests to the administration to come back to council with recommendations.

“I don’t want the town hall to look like it’s a reduction in everything, so we’re going to come back with the standards right now, and then we can discuss it as a consideration,” said the mayor. Jackie Clayton.

“I have three orphanages and two homes for the elderly, the reason I chose them is because they are outside the city of Lviv… and they don’t get support from big cities,” the said Coburn.

He said Novyi Yarychiv is similar to Grande Prairie even though it’s rural. Coburn said there is an aging population as many young people have fled the country.

Coburn is also helping refugees: He has taught English to new immigrants and helped them prepare with the right resources.

“When you come to Canada, there’s a lot of support (and) I believe that, for the most part, people feel good here and are welcome, so my focus is mostly on those left behind.”

Coburn’s Easter campaign was a success, he said, with money raised for food and air conditioning, heaters, refrigerators, and three computers that the center maintains. allowing refugees to contact family members.

He said he had received letters from Ukraine expressing the gratitude of the people.

“The main thing is that they just love being from Canada,” Coburn said.

In June, the city dedicated $100,000 to the Rotary Club of Grande Prairie to help the Ukrainian refugees arriving in the city.

As part of the funding, the city also created a welcome package for newcomers that includes an entertainment package, a three-month transit pass, and information about the city and its resources.

While the council is figuring out how to help, Coburn is working hard to collect donations that can be dropped off at Troyana Dance Studio in Grande Prairie from Tuesday through Thursday, 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. evening, to St. Mary’s Catholic School. Catherine on weekdays between 8 p.m. at 4 p.m

Children’s supplies and boxes can include socks, hats, gloves, snacks, hot chocolate, soft toys, flashlights and batteries, markers, crayons, craft supplies, and more. blanket.

Supplies or boxes for seniors can include coffee, Advil and Tylenol, vitamins, and bedding.

Coburn said to make sure the items can be used when the power is out.

He is also the one who donates to add $5 towards shipping.

People are encouraged to leave a note or photo with their donation, so that the recipient of the package knows about the charity.

Collections will be taken until November 20th, with packages expected to arrive before Christmas.


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