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21 November, 2022, 08:45 pm

Last modified: 21 November, 2022, 08:50 pm

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Gree organized a meeting for its friends and channel partners at the Samson H Chowdhury Center in Dhaka Club recently.

Local members and manufacturers of Gree, Electro Mart Group organized the event, the press release said.

Electro Mart Group in Bangladesh is Gree’s overseas business partner. The Chairman of the party Md Nurun Newaz Selim inaugurated the meeting and announced the theme “Grow with Gree”.

He expressed his gratitude to all the partners for their active participation, promotion and marketing of Gree AC to the electricity consumers of Bangladesh.

He said that Electro Mart Group is working towards progress in the country’s energy sector. The group set up a factory in Narayanganj at a cost of Tk1,000 crore to meet the demand of electronic products at affordable price and international standard.

The group’s Managing Director, Md Nurul Amin said, “At one time, Bangladesh’s energy sector was dependent on imports. Now it has become a self-sustaining industry due to the government’s industrial policy. world class Konka, Gree and Haico brand products are manufactured in Bangladesh. The “Made in Bangladesh” mark is now being fixed on all these products. We hope that these electrical products will be exported very soon. .”

Discussing the unique benefits and features of Gree in the event, Md Nurul Afser, DMD of the group said that more than 500 million loyal customers over 180 countries have used Gree AC.

He also presented the features and comparative advantages of Gree air conditioners among peers.

According to media reports, Gree has the World’s first G-boost inverter, which is efficient and energy-saving. Gree AC is equipped with environmentally-friendly integrated inverter technology. Gree AC has Bio Filter, Catechin Filter, Silver Ion Filter and Colasma Air Purification Technology which is able to purify the indoor air.

Additionally, air conditioners are no longer fancy or popular or trendy products. Now it’s a great dynamic product thanks to Gree’s affordable price and easy availability worldwide. Gree is currently the world’s leading manufacturer of eco-friendly air conditioners, the announcement said.

In 2023, Gree will introduce AI Learning Technology that can control the room and body temperature by tracking the human body and saving energy. Gree AC has an efficient temperature adjustment technology that automatically adjusts the room temperature and the outside temperature of the environment.

He also informed that Gree won the 2021 World Energy Award for developing air conditioners with zero carbon source technology. Recently, EuroMonitor International named Gree AC as the world’s number one rated air conditioner for 2021 and the next 17 years. Gree AC achieved this award by evaluating four key indicators of business intelligence, market analysis, sales volume and consumer awareness of air conditioning products sold worldwide.

He also said that Gree AC is on the first position in Bangladesh by capturing more than 60 percent of AC demand. He strongly hopes that the Gree brand can meet 80 percent of air conditioning demand in the near future by introducing new environmentally friendly technologies.

Gree also made various electronics and home appliances like Gree Fridge, Gree Air Curtains, Gree Air Coolers, Gree Air Purifiers, Gree Water Dispenser and more. The Gree brand is the first choice of electrical consumers for its reliability, quality and affordability.

In the event, three friends were awarded with special cars and 65″ LED TV, 37 friends were awarded with motorcycles and cash prizes for their special contribution in the promotional marketing of Konka, Gree and Haico and refrigerators during the Eid-Ul-Azha Festival. There was a consultation on various issues related to the needs of consumers and the market for 2023. At the end of the meeting , the event will end with a raffle.

Among others, DMD Md Nurussafa Mazumder, directors, Mohammed Sazzad-Un- Newaz and Md Nurul Azim, and other dignitaries attended the event.


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