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GSIA urges oppn leaders, unions not to compromise environmental activities : Goa News | Rare Techy


Times of India | 1 day ago | 20-11-2022 | 04:42 a.m

GSIA urges oppn leaders, unions not to provoke action

Panaji: Thanks to the minister of labor and work Atanasio Monserrate for the 130 striking workers of IFB Industries, Goa State Industries Association (GSIA) asked the union leaders and the opposition not to cancel the business-employee relationship in Goa.GSIA president Damodar Kochkar said that if Goa wants to attract private investment and create jobs for its citizens, then a favorable environment is needed. “This decision taken by the minister despite pressure from labor leaders and politicians sends a clear message to other companies and workers to maintain good labor relations,” said Kochkar. Monserrate on Thursday urged striking workers to return to work. IFB Industries Ltd acquired a unit in Verna Industrial Estate to start manufacturing air conditioners a few years ago, competing with Chinese AC manufacturers. The company has built additional units in Goa, which has brought in additional income and employment. at their washing machine factory and follow the same pattern for the air conditioning plant where 130 workers are employed. They only wanted to extend the contract for another year because due to the Covid epidemic and the economic slowdown, they could not achieve their expected sales and were still in the red. The workers who are waiting or misled by some of the authorities have made a wrong decision to go on strike in their contract, which is a very bad thing,” said Kochkar. “We are happy that the fact that the minister has given the right instructions to the strike workers to come back and apologize so that the company can accept their wrongdoing and release them,” he said.

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