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Apple TV Plus just dropped the teaser for the upcoming series Shrinkingwith Jason Segel and Harrison Ford as Dr. Phil Rhodes.

Apple TV Plus Shrinking is the last episode of a recent show about psychiatrists, among them The Shrink Next Door and The patient. However, it doesn’t take itself so seriously as it comes from Ted Lasso creator Bill Lawrence, Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein and How I Met Your Mother star Segel.

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Shrinkingnamed after the psychiatrist’s slang term for “head shrink,” is a new series that’s premised on Ford’s Dr. Rhodes taking a page from the MTV series’ old tagline, The real world: “When people stop being polite… and start getting real.” After several setbacks in his own life, resulting in severe grief, the good doctor stops being so nice to his patients and starts telling them how he really feels about their concerns. They, in turn, use this brutal new advice to influence various outcomes and trials in their lives and the lives of everyone involved.

A ten-episode series produced by Warner Bros. Television, under the auspices of Lawrence’s own Doozer Productions, had its teaser open with a medium close-up sequence of the cast jumping up and down on a trampoline with their arms at their sides. Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” supports them. It begins with Segel giving Jessica Williams, then Lukita Maxwell, Christa Miller, Michael Urie and Luke Tennie one of his typically worried faces. A title card appears: “Sometimes you gotta break.”

The actors jump again, arms at their sides as before, the song still playing, Segel’s face grows more worried, before another title card drops: “To Breakthrough.” Afterwards, the actors jump again, but everyone has expressions of joy and happiness on their faces. The Shrinking the teaser ends with Segel no longer jumping, but standing still on a trampoline that has sunk under his weight as Ford walks past him with his typical Ford scowl. Ford grunts once in passing before the camera closes in on Segel’s face and titles the series.

Shrinking The first two parts are scheduled to be abandoned on January 27, 2023.

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