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Haryana blames Adani Power, a Gujarat plant for adding to the power woes | Rare Techy


The Adani Power Ltd (APL) and Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd (CGPL) have not provided power to Haryana for the last six months, thus contributing to the power shortage occurring in the middle of rising temperatures, according to documents submitted by the state government to the power regulator. .

APL and CGPL have contracts with the Haryana government to supply 1,424MW and 380MW of power respectively. Electricity from Adani Power is contracted at a levelised tariff of 2.94 per unit for 25 years while for CGPL, it is at a levelized rate of 2.26 per unit for 25 years.

The Haryana Power Purchase Center (HPPC), in a petition before the Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (HERC), a week ago said that Adani Power and CGPL have not provided any power to the state regarding the removal of the hike in imported coal prices. has created a generation in the power purchase agreement (PPA) uneconomic tariff. Both APL and CGPL have sought to sign additional PPAs for supply of electricity generated from imported coal at higher tariffs as per the recommendations of the high-powered committee.

‘Outage at some power stations’

HPCC said that the country experienced power supply shortage on account of outage in several generating stations, including Faridabad Gas Power Plant (FGPP) and the second unit of Rajiv Gandhi Thermal Power Plant (RGTPP) at Khedar in Hisar.

HPPC, in March too, had petitioned the state regulator, stating that Haryana is expected to experience power shortage due to non-availability of electricity from Adani Power Ltd., CGPL, Mundra, and FGPP.

It is seeking resource approval to purchase additional gross power of 75MW from the 450MW Baglihar Stage-1 hydroelectric project (HEP) of the Jammu and Kashmir State Power Development Corporation for 10 years to reduce the shortfall.

‘Submit report on efforts made to resume power from pvt players’

The state regulator, in an interim order on April 6, said that HPPC has not submitted any information regarding the efforts made by them to resume power supply from these generating stations, including Adani and CGPL.

The regulator directed the HPPC to submit a status report on the same, including a proposal to purchase additional power at the risk and cost of these generating companies.

The power situation due to the beginning of early summer has been aggravated as a unit of 600MW RGTPP, Khedar, has been non-functioning for the past 18 months.

According to the regulator, HPPC also allowed one 660MW unit of the Mahatma Gandhi Super Thermal Power Project (MGSTPP) developed by China Light and Power in Jhajjar to shut down as planned, for annual changes during peak demand periods. Officials, however, said the MGSTPP unit is already functional.

Additional chief secretary (ACS), power, PK Das said about 1,800MW contracted power from APL and CGPL is not available. “We are trying to get medium term power of 500MW for three years and got 75MW power from Baglihar for 10 years to eliminate this deficit,” he said.

On the general power shortage, ACS, however, said there was a 15-30% increase in terms of power supplied from April 1 to April 12 compared to the same period last year.

While a representative of Adani Power Ltd when contacted declined to comment, an email sent to Tata Power, the owner of CGPL, did not elicit a response.


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