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There are many reasons why solving math puzzles can benefit you.

First, they allow you to practice problem-solving strategies. Second, they give you an opportunity to review basic mathematical concepts. Third, they encourage you to develop critical thinking skills. Finally, they can improve your overall math skills.

Our goal is to help you in your studies and help you become smarter than you already are.

Why are we here if not to help you?

That’s why another set of math riddles from the web is waiting for you.

Are you ready to solve them? We sincerely hope you are.

So, let’s get started!

These 5 math puzzles are so fun to solve, even your kids will love them!

Here are 5 fractions math puzzles to help you study for exams.

Math Riddle #1

4/7 of a number is 84. Find the number.

Math Riddle #2

Rachel took 1/2 hour to paint a table and 1/3 hour to paint a chair. How long did she take in total?

Math Riddle #3

The area of ​​the rectangle is 15/4 cm and its length is 5/2 cm. Can you find the width of the rectangle?

Math Riddle #4

If 3 ½ m of wire is cut from a piece 10 m long, how much wire will be left?

Math Riddle #5

Half of the students in a school are girls, and 3/5 of these girls study in lower classes. Which category of girls study in lower classes?

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Math Puzzle Answers

Math Riddle #1

The number is 147.

Math Riddle #2

The total time Rachel took was 5/6 hours.

Math Riddle #3

The width of the rectangle is 3/2 cm.

Math Riddle #4

6 ½ meters of wire remain.

Math Riddle #5

3/10 girls study in lower classes.

We hope you liked this math puzzle.

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