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When the cold weather hits the cities, Beijingers like to spend the winter days filling their bellies with winter snacks. These snacks not only satisfy all the needs of the stomach, but also evoke childhood memories of fun.

Baked potato 烤红薯 No hóngshǔ

For many in Beijing — and many in Northern China — baked potatoes are the star of the show during the winter months. In the past, you can find many Beijing 大爷 Dayé sserving these baked potatoes in every corner of the capital’s hutong streets. These steamed hot potatoes, kept on tin buckets with a charcoal fire inside to cook them, are a Beijing winter snack that is fragrant, crunchy and delicious.

Although these days it is becoming increasingly difficult for people living in Beijing to find their own baked potato shop, they are still one of the most popular snacks to warm your whole body.

Roasted sugar 糖炒栗子 Táng chǎo lìzǐ

Some say you can smell this popular street snack from afar. Hot and soft peanuts, covered in a glossy sugar coating, are sold in sugar-coated paper bags. These famous snacks can be found everywhere on the streets of Beijing and are very popular among many locals.

Tanghulu Sugar gourd Tanghúlu

Of course, no list of Beijing winter snacks would be complete without a mention tanghulua traditional Beijing snack made from a string of bright red hawthorn seeds that have been heavily coated with cane sugar on a wooden stick.

Even air conditioners and refrigerators are now the norm tanghulu It is always available and is still considered a snack eaten in winter, especially during the temple feasts held during Chinese New Year.

Frozen Persimmons 冻柿子 Please

In old Beijing, dried persimmons were a small snack for every child from late autumn to winter. When the temperature began to drop, the persimmons were placed outside on the windowsills, and when the time came, the frozen persimmons were brought indoors to feed the waiting mouths. A frozen persimmon is placed in a bowl of cold water to melt, and all one has to do to enjoy this delicacy is to use a spoon to eat the delicious bite.

Know of any other winter favorites that we missed? Let’s find out in the comments!

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Photo: Irene Li,乐乐,粒上皇,新栗香干果店


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